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Supporting StarSeeds & All Light Beings in awakening to the Joy & Magic of knowing their TRUE Earth Mission


Lorayne Evangelyn


Truth: We are born whole perfect and complete. We have the divine right of Freedom and Free Will. We choose how we will interact, experience and respond to the circumstances of “our” created reality. No other being can control the outcome of any other being’s experience of their life process, they can simply facilitate and guide the process, clear and hold space, mentor, teach and support. Only we can open up to the gifts and guidance of life and receive them. I believe that we are all sovereign beings and it is our choice when, how and what, in every moment. You “are” already perfect, whole and complete! My job is to help you Remember!

The path to our unfoldment, our Divinity, our true nature is an adventure to be discovered, revealed and unwrapped by us… when we are ready to allow it.

I honor your choices. I am here to support your growth, expansion, and awakening on your terms. I am not a Guru and I will never usurp your power. I will however share and guide you to open and embrace your power, as much as you are willing and able. All growth and healing are a dance between cosmic guidance, the facilitator and the client. Let’s Begin…!

About Lorayne Evangelyn

As a StarSeed myself, I know how it feels to find yourself here, on Earth, wondering “What the heck happened!  Why am I here? And… How do I get OUT?”  The answer is we all CHOSE to be here at this time and place for a very powerful and important reason!  Our sacred contract with all of life was to be here, at this time, to support Earth and her inhabitants to Ascend!  That is a powerful and precious mission!

It is my extreme Joy to be of service to YOU, to assist you in discovering your unique purpose and mission for being here and awakening to your divine calling.

I discovered my own StarSeed origins in 2001 and that began my quest to discover what that meant for me, and others like me.  I have been assisting clients for over 18 years in all aspects of Mind/Body/Spirit healing and awakening.  I have been teaching courses in Spiritual Mastery, Psychic Connection, Crystals Mastery, Sound and Energetic Healing since 2006.  I am an Author, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Master Teacher, Sound Healer, Accutonics Practitioner, BQH Practitioner and Psychic Mystical Intuitive Reader/Healer.  I hold my Doctorate of Divinity in Metaphysical studies.

Although I have training in many modalities, I have incorporated the essence and energy of each to benefit each client as I connect with the field of the client “YOU” and allow your spirit to guide each process. No two clients are alike; therefore no two processes are alike. I recognize that healing energy flows through me, I am a conduit of it, however “YOU” and the Divine are the Source, I am simply “the guide”.

*All Sessions are done REMOTELY using “Zoom” teleconferencing, By phone or via “remote viewing technique”, depending on the service or technology limitations.  Sessions are recorded when using Zoom.


Cosmic Quantum Intuitive Reading

Are you desiring insight or guidance into your current life path or direction?  Would you like to understand what energy is surrounding your current experience and how it is either benefiting or hindering your life journey?  Consulting the Oracle is an ancient and powerful way to access your inner guide.

A Cosmic Intuitive Oracle reading can assist you in gaining the insight you desire to move forward and the clarity to see what patterns or beliefs are influencing your decisions and therefore your experience on your life path.

Tapping into your higher-self consciousness through psychic connection, the symbology of the cards will reveal and gather to you the information you need to make informed choices about your path and your true mission.

Each reading is approximately 30 min. and done using video conferencing. – $68.00

Cosmic Quantum Conversation: Discovering YOUR Mission

Many StarSeeds are now awakening to their true cosmic selves, they have many questions.  What does it mean to be StarSeed?  Why am I here at this time?  What is my mission?  Who am I and where are my origins?  How do I know?

If this sounds like YOU then you may benefit from Cosmic Quantum Conversation. Connecting to “the field”, receiving and transmitting information to support your journey. This is an energetic, as well as, a physical conversation, a place for you to speak your truth and be heard.  A place of galactic and self discovery.  You may be guided to discover your Concurrent, Dimensional or Other life experiences that are influencing your current reality, NOW.  You will connect with your higher self, soul family, galactic family and or guides to support your highest state of well-being.  Together with your guides, we will uncover answers to what you are seeking, helping you to further your understanding of your mission and what you now need to move forward.  Any influences that are not supporting you, will be severed and any information, gifts and tools that will support your current mission will be awakened.


You are a magnificent StarSeed, it is time for you to remember and embrace your true self, to awaken to your authentic StarSeed origins.  Together with your higher guidance I am here to help you do just that.  We will use a variety of modalities as guided by your higher self, guides and teachers for your maximum benefit, growth and awakening.

Your pre-session questionnaire will assist in establishing the foundation for our work together.  The energetic connection established during your session will provide balance, clarity and space for you to discover what you need to discover as well as assist in balancing your electro-magnetic field and attune you to the 5th dimensional field.

Any recommendations to further support you will be discussed during your session.  Any additional information received may be e-mailed.

Each Session is Approximately 120 min in length – $198.00

While you can certainly gain great benefit from 1 session, most clients gain greater self knowledge and insight when they have consistent contact over a minimum of 3 sessions.  The continuity of connection and deep exploration opens doorways into your soul, awakens codings  and assists you in gaining greater knowledge, insight  with your StarSeed origins, gifts and talents. Cost for 3 sessions – $516.00



Cosmic Healing: Clearing disrupptions Physical/Emotional from “the field”

As a Starseed your physical/emotional well-being can be disrupted through a variety of means here in the third dimensional matrix. Your electromagnetic circuits can easily be Blown. This will leave you with feelings of being fried… literally!  There are ways to prevent this from happening and lessen the disrupting effects so that you can get on with your mission.  And return to Joy.

Disease is not your natural state, Wellbeing is!

Using a surrogate of you (in the form of a photograph) an energy grid will be created as you relax and are guided through a variety of processes to Balance your Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Energetic and Cosmic aspects and bring them into alignment. A connection will be established between you, your higher star-being self, your guides and teachers and your galactic family to re-calibrate your electromagnetic signature and reestablish your cosmic connection, while opening the gateways to your 5D galactic self.  Guided by your higher self and your guides we will re-script your Field and clear the disruptive energies that are keeping you out of balance.


Healing is possible, you can return to your natural state of wholeness and perfection!

Your pre-session questionnaire will assist in establishing the foundation for our work together.  The energetic connection established during your session will provide balance, clarity and space for you to heal what you need to heal.

Any recommendations to further support you will be discussed during your session.  Any additional information received may be e-mailed.

Session Lasts Approximately 55 min. – $125.00

*It is important to me that you receive benefit from your session or service.  If you truly feel that you have not benefited in any way from the work we have done together, I am happy to refund your service fee.  My goal is that you find what you need to change or heal on all levels.