Starseed Living

Supporting StarSeeds & All Light Beings in awakening to the Joy & Magic of knowing their TRUE Earth Mission


About Us

The Journey of every StarSeed is……

To Remember…..

Remember who you REALLY are, where you come from and what your purpose is, here, NOW!

StarSeeds inhabit every walk of life, we stretch across every continent and every aspect of existence, here on Earth.  Some of us have been here for a very long time and others of us have just arrived.  And some of us have chosen to inhabit non-human forms to assist in very specific ways.

Each of us are here now for a reason, we chose to be here, but… not all of us are here for the purpose of action, at least in the way most of us think of it…

Some of us are here, NOW, to emit and add our frequencies to the whole of the Earth, and to connect with our Star sisters and brothers, to open a gateway so that they may assist us, in this time, of great transformation!
Knowing is key.

When we, as StarSeeds, awaken to our true purpose, our true calling, we are more powerful than thousands who have not.

Imagine what your life can be when you KNOW and act from your knowing.

OUR divine calling is… to support you, to share, to guide, to mentor… To BE of service.

It is time to awaken and step into the light of your soul, remember who you really are and ignite the magic and joy that are your divine right!  To live life on your own terms, in joy, health, harmony and peace with nature and the cosmos.

Come play with us, among the stars, and discover the joy that comes from living on purpose, on Mission!

We are of the stars. Starseeds, LightWorkers, Walk-ins, indigos, Blue Rays, First Wavers, Alpha Starseeds, Crystallines, Rainbows and all beings of Light, Awaken, Remember and take your place in the evolution and ascension of EARTH and her inhabitants!

You are very important to the evolution and ascension of Earth, out of the current 3D timeline and into the new Earth 5D timeline.  Your unique gifts, talents, and light codes contribute to the whole of humanity and all of life.

We are here to support YOU in discovering your own answers, in healing yourself and discovering your personal mission.

You have within you ALL that you need, we simply assist you in revealing awakening and remembering.

In Love and Light