About Me

My Story

Strong. Loyal. Leader. Inspired. Motivated. Dedicated. All these amazing words were used to describe me. I daily have to recall that
humility is accepting reality for what it is. I have become and have never stopped becoming the highest and best version of me.
And the journey has only begun.

Becoming an entrepreneur was not exactly on my agenda. I came from a big family whose successful homeschool was the foundation I used to attend college and graduate with honors in the dental field. Loved my job and who I had the privilege to work with. Caring for our patients, dominating other tasks and being an awesome team player was totally me!

Outside of work you would find me at church, playing volleyball in co-rec leagues with my husband or chilling with family. With hopes of having our own family grow we were grieved with loosing our first child in a miscarriage. Like many women out there that have suffered through this tragedy, the thoughts of what is wrong with me, why us, etc. were moments of growth in my faith and mindset. The next big challenge for me was sustaining my next pregnancy. I like many was working full time due to insurance needs and unlike most, was very sick. Morning sickness was all-day sickness for me and made things very interesting. Looking back I know the only way I made it through was due to the loving support of my husband and the awesome team I got to work with. Weird fact, tooth paste for me is almost a switch in mindset, I would be sick, clean up, and have to get back at it. 

The birth of our son brought joy no words can describe, and also a world of change. I went from a full time job to staying at home, isolated in a Minnesota winter with chronic pain resulting from the birth. And this drove me deep into depression. My solution was creating more of what made me feel happy. This my friends was serving others using my skills, talents and knowledge. I turned to the internet and really discovered another world!

It started with research, then courses, then getting an LLC to serve other businesses as a VA. That evolved into consulting and later coaching!! What the heck? I am so honored to be where I am today and that reason is because I decided. I decided I wanted more, to be more, to give more. And I will never stop becoming!

I get to lead other outstanding individuals because I chose first to lead myself. These amazing humans are already successful, however I empower them to achieve their best, their own definition of success in life and business. This transformation experience is something that everyone needs but few raise their hand for. Let me help you help yourself. You have one shot at life, I had that stark reminder earlier this year due to a freaky infection. You alone have the power to grow, to change, to become. However, you don’t have to go alone. Together we rise, are you in?

What Can I Do for You?

I know I can give you everything, what I want to know is what will you do
with it? I work with action takers and change makers, is that you?

I will push you. I will challenge you. I will help you step into the power locked within and harness the force with which you impact the world. On your terms, your results, your success.

This means accountability.

This means mindset walls demolished.

This means pain.

This means honesty that includes the good, bad and ugly.

If becoming successful was easy, no one would think twice. Now that we agree that it is an uphill climb, I need you to know, this is what you are signing up for. Transformation. 

Can you afford not to change?

If you have gotten this far, you have one last step to take on your own. Schedule a call and together let’s get you on track to achieving the success you desire in life and business. 

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to EMPOWER others.” – Brian Tracy

Let’s release your potential to maximize your performance. Instead of me just teaching, you will be learning, implementing and growing! That is how you become, you achieve all that lies in your definition of success.

Your last step alone

Time is priceless, I don’t want you wasting it. If you are ready to go
all in then schedule your FREE session today, CLICK the CONNECT
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