Now is the time, take your Life and Business to the next level.

You know you were made for more, you are striving towards achieving the next level and that is where I come in. I help business owners win by honoring their priorities first and transform their life and business.

What I Do

I support 6+ figure business owners in taking their life and business to the highest level through mindset, accountability and more. Leading great leaders to reset, regain, and rewrite life on their terms is a priceless experience for all involved! We get one shot at life and your time is spent how you decide. You make the decision to become, to transform, I empower you to achieve and fulfill your purpose.

Your Life, Your Business, Your Success.

Hey, I'm Justine Mader

I am a purpose driven entrepreneur, slightly obsessed with self-education masterminds, detail-loving self-care activist, stubborn-as-heck achiever and motivator, small town Minnesota girl, who lives each day without regret and is striving to help you and many others do the same.

Like many business owners, their journey didn’t start here… My background has blessed me with many lessons, opportunities and experiences that are key elements to who I am today. My transformation started with me making a decision, at the core of my very being that I was going to become the highest level of myself, out of 7 billion people I found myself still breathing and I aim to use each moment to impact, inspire, and create a living legacy.