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Richard Mille RM UP-01


Richard Mille just released the RM UP-01, a replica luxury watches developed in collaboration with Ferrari. This particular ultra-thin watch (1. 75mm). Beyond its technical ability (see video below), this timepiece marks a marketing turning point. This really is our opportunity in this article to assess the marketing of the RM UP-01 and the object's put in place the luxury watch market which has exploded over the past 2 years.


Richard Mille RM UP-01 breaks fineness document at 0. 05mm

First of all, it is worth mentioning that Richard Mille has pushed back again a fineness record owned by Bulgari to this day. At one 75mm thick, the Rich Mille RM UP-01 is actually 0. 05mm thinner compared to Bulgari Octo Finissimo (1. 8mm).


Advertising that emphasizes technical expertise... and respect for custom

The official video for your Richard Mille RM UP-01 is an ode to technologies and luxury codes. This shows a craftsman building watches on a table protected in black leather in an exceedingly romantic way (which, naturally , does not correspond to reality).


The chosen semantics focus entirely on the specialized strength of the " determining design". The RM UP-01 watch is thus a good " object" that desires to be different but still respects traditions (e. g. housing the actual movement in a " box" ). The marketing information is calibrated to be in complete alignment with that of the Formazione Ferrari. The latter had been at the cutting edge of technological innovation and their car design had been unique, but tradition as well as links to mythical versions remained. replica watches for sale


Lastly, we note that the process of decoration the Ferrari logo is precisely the summation of this worth proposition. The collaboration will be engraved on titanium by using a laser. We shift away from classic watchmaking and also move closer to the substratosphere industry.


The actual RM UP-01 is an excellent placing asset

Luxury timepieces, as the name suggests, tend to be positioning commodities. They are made to affirm the owner's interpersonal status and signal in order to others. Unlike other positional goods (cars, leather goods), watches remain an modest luxury that signals to be able to connoisseurs. It is difficult for non-connoisseurs to recognize a luxury watch.


Significant differences

In this regard, the Richard Mille UP-01 appears to have several unique features. First, you don't overlook that the RM UP-01 features a very unique format. It can more of a bracelet than a view. Some would say that the particular reduction in thickness is having a necessary " expansion" within the length of the component. That's failing to remember the Bulgari Octo Finissimo, which, despite its 1 ) 8mm thickness, remains the dimensions of a classic watch (40mm within diameter).


Therefore, a true reflection of exactly what this aesthetic code-breaking item sends as a central communication. By making the UP-01 therefore " obtrusive", Richard Innumerevoli changed the paradigm associated with luxury watches. They are no more just objects of concern for his or her owners, but must be hypervisible expressions of their owners' prosperity in public places.


Extremely visible partnership with Ferrari

Another visual function of the RM UP-01 is usually of course the Ferrari logo design. This isn't the first time a Ferrari team has had a watch relationship (Girard-Perregaux did at the time), but it may be the first time the emblem has been shown in such a visible method. The Ferrari logo has become an attribute of the RM UP-01, especially in the space available to it. It's also worth observing that the Ferrari logo occupies more prominence than the switch that allows the time to be go through. Thus, a hierarchy valuable is observed on wrist watches, where the reading of the time gets secondary.


It's true that the luxury watch marketplace has grown dramatically since 2020. Prices for Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe models are all soaring. A far more detailed study of the various versions of the Patek Philippe Nautilus reveals that the metal version has seen the greatest jump. The value of items is not measured by the precious components used.


Solely technical marketing niche

The popularity of luxury replica swiss watches nowadays is less a matter of considerations associated with watchmaking heritage than a couple of brand marketing. Richard Infiniti may be the poster child with this new dynamic. Its the past, efforts to differentiate, along with marketing excellence have resulted in price spikes. The RM UP-01 is part of this particular dynamic. It is no longer firmly a watch, but a unique technological bracelet co-branded with Ferrari that also tells time. It is placed in a niche industry with no competitors.