Decorateive Ceiling Rose Moulder for Home Day

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decorative ceiling rose mould

1.Decorative CEILING ROSE MOULD shall adopt products that have passed the Qualified products by the relevant national product quality supervision department. Generally, mid -to -high -end products with flame retardant materials should be used, and low -grade and fake and fake products should not be used;

Metal socket

2. In -residential power CECORATIVE CEILING ROSE MOULD shall adopt a safe socket, toilet and other humid places, splash -proof sockets;

3. The rated current of the DECORATIVE CEILING ROSE MOULD should be greater than 1.25 times the rated current of the known equipment. Generally, the rated current of the single -phase Decorative CEILING ROSE MOULD is 10A, the special Decorateive Ceiling Rose Mould is 16A, and the distribution circuit and connection power supply method of special high -power household appliances should be selected according to the actual capacity;

4. In order to insert convenience, one 86mm × 86mm unit panel, the number of combination sockets is best, and the maximum (including switches) does not exceed three, otherwise the 146 panel porous socket is used;

5. For household appliances (such as washing machines) with electric shock dangers in the power supply supply, the socket that is turned off the power supply should be used.

6. In a more humid place, installing the socket should be installed at the same time.

decorative ceiling rose mould