Sheet Tube Laser Cutting Machines

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Plates and Pipes CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1000w 2000W 3000W CNC Sheet Metal Fiber Laser cutter Tube Machine
1) Gantry CNC machine and high strength welding body. After high temperature annealing and precision machining by large CNC milling machine, it has good rigidity and stability.
2) Adopts imported high precision, high speed, linear guide rail drive, good rigidity and good stability.
3) Aluminum beam, advanced heat treatment process, high strength, light weight, good rigidity.
4) Fiber laser has a series of advantages, such as high beam quality, high brightness, high conversion rates, maintenance-free, stable and reliable operation of low cost and small size, etc.
5) Adopting servo motor and driver, and combind Japan Reducer, which can make sure machine high speed and big power.

Plates and Pipes CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1000w 2000W 3000W CNC Sheet Metal Fiber Laser cutter Tube Machine specifications
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Working area1500*3000mm
Optional Working Area1300*2500mm, 2000*3000mm, 2000*4000mm, 2000*6000mm,..
Laser GeneratorMax/Raycus/IPG/RECI
Laser Cutting HeadAu3tech, Raytool,
CNC ControllerAu3tech, Cypcut
Servo driver systemDelta/Yaskawa/Pansonic/Fuji
Speed ReducerShimpo Reducer, Japan
Rack and Pinion:Taiwan CSK/TBI/HIWIN guide rails
Max.cutting speed0-50m/min(Depending on the material and thickness)
X, Y, Z Axis Repeat PrecisionX, Y, Z Axis Repeat Precision鈮ぢ?.03mm /m
Min line width鈮?.15mm
Maximum Empty Running Speed120m/min
Driving wayImported servo motor
Transmission wayY-axis gear rack double driver, X-axis ball screw
Cooling SystemWater Cooling
Continuous working time24 Hours
Power requirements380V/3 Phases /50Hz or 60Hz
Machine size (L*W*H)4500x2300x1800mm
Tube cutting part
We support 3m/6m/9m/12m length area for cutting tube materials, if you have other cutting length requirements we also support.
The constant temperature of water chiller can keep the laser power stable,work more stable and fast
For structure,Which is welded by a number of rectangular tubes. Stiffeners are arranged inside the tubes to increase the strength and tensile strength of the bed, it also increases the resistance and stability of the guide rail so as to effectively avoid the deformation of the frame.
High strength, stability, tensile strength, ensuring 20 years of use without distortion; Thickness of rectangular pipe wall is 10mm and weight is 2000kg.
Aluminium Gantry
High hardness Aerospace aluminum is manufactured with aerospace standards and extruded in a 4,300 ton press. The hardness can reach T6 after processing.
High speed Aviation aluminum has the features like good toughness, light weight, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and low density, which greatly improve the processing speed.
BEUT Pneumatic Chuck
A well-known brand, the rear cassette has an air blowing function to remove dust and waste accumulation, and does not affect the performance and service life of the rear chuck.
Gear transmission
Accuracy, speed and life are better than belt transmission.
Tube cutting support
Two supports for 6m tube cutting.
Water chiller
Each of the cooling circuit is independently controlled and has its own mission - one serves for cooling the fiber laser and the other serves for cooling the optics. The water chiller for cooling laser source and laser head, we use SA, Hanli, Tongfei,DVT water chiller you can choose you needs.
We use FSCUT1000, FSCUT2000,FSCUT3000 etc. and CypCut or Cypone software.If you want to use another controller you needs, we support adjust configurations.
Plates and Pipes CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1000w 2000W 3000W CNC Sheet Metal Fiber Laser cutter Tube Machine fiber laser source adopt the famous Raycus brand. Also can use Max,IPG,RECI,JPT....
Fiber Laser Cutting machine can cut many metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized plate, aluminized zinc plate, pickling plate, copper, silver, gold, titanium, and other metal plates and pipes.
DLTECH Laser is a professional manufacturer of fiber laser cutting machine. We have strict and systematic quality control for each process, from material, production to delivery. We use high-tech precision instruments to measure the accuracy and transmission speed of the machine. The main tests include track transmission accuracy level test, cutting head vertical test, bed parallel and vertical test, etc.
In order to ensure high precision, each equipment has undergone fine milling and high temperature aging treatment, and the structure will not be deformed after long-term use. To provide customers with tailor-made services to meet different work needs, DLTECH has established an independent RD department with 42 professional engineers. DLTECH will update and innovate regularly.Sheet Tube Laser Cutting Machines