How to choose Mobile Merchandise Display Device

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mobile merchandise display device

Nowadays, more and more supermarkets and clothing stores are installed with Mobile Merchandise Display Device to solve the anti -theft problem of the store, but some merchants are not familiar with this anti -theft system and do not know where to start.

One: First choose the frequency of the anti -theft system

Mobile Merchandise Display Device is composed of three parts, namely the detector (that is, the anti -theft door we often see in the supermarket), anti -theft label (anti They have two frequencies: sound magnetic (58kHz)/radio frequency (8.2MHz). These three major products must purchase the same frequency in order to support it.

Two: Choose the anti -theft door with the shop style

There are also many styles of anti -theft doors, because they use different materials. If they are supermarkets, it is recommended to choose to install the anti -theft door to use ABS materials, because its price is cheap, you can choose to install acrylic materials or bury the anti -theft door. It looks like it looks like it. More high -end atmosphere.

mobile merchandise display device