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How to Correct the Incorrect COGS in QuickBooks Desktop?


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With the advent of technical complexities and ever-dynamic coding algorithms, QuickBooks Desktop has been profoundly impacted. The issues encountered by users of QuickBooks are uncountable. One significant error observed lately is the incorrect COGS error in QuickBooks Desktop. This error irritates users while they try to make certain adjustments to their Profit and Loss reports. This error primarily reflects a particular deviation in the cost of sold goods.

However, there are different facets to the error, all of which shall be dealt with within the purview of this article. By the end of this comprehensive article, users will be well versed in the different approaches to resolving incorrect COGS in QuickBooks.

Reasons that instigate the Incorrect COGS error in QuickBooks Desktop

This QuickBooks error can be a result of different reasons, the primary ones being listed as follows:

  • An Incorrect cost of items being received can embolden the incorrect COGS in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • The COGS account employed by QuickBooks Desktop POS may be the wrong one.
  • A scenario wherein a user buys large quantities and sells products one at a time. It can also provoke the Incorrect COGS in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Inadvertent removal of transactions from QuickBooks POS may lead to this error.