Dust Extractor Filter Cartridge

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Dust Extractor Filter Cartridge will have a failure of running suction after a period of time. If the suction power becomes small, it should be detected in time in time! Other places such as bending pipes will cause internal blockage and cause a vicious circle of decreased equipment inhalation. And if the suction power is reduced due to the blockage, the vacuum cleaner fan is running when the air flows is not smooth, and the motor cannot be sufficiently dissipated, which will cause the motor to damage!

First, the sealing of the dust removal equipment is poor, such as the top cover of the fan and the box, the gray bucket, the maintenance door, the inlet of the exhaust port, and the air ductage pipeline. At this time, you should check whether the unit leaks one by one. If you find the leakage, you should take corresponding measures to block and repair.

Second, the vacuum cleaner's vacuum pipe or suction mouth is blocked by dust debris, which causes poor air flow and decline in suction. At this time, the device should be removed and the corresponding blocking places should be cleaned. And formulate a plan for regularly to clean up the blocked or dusty barrel interface.

Third, because the filter is not cleared for a long time, it is blocked. Adjust the ash clearing cycle of the device, shorten the time of the ash clearing cycle, and clean up the blocking materials on the filter material.

Fourth, after a long period of use, the fan blades will have a loose or sliding phenomenon, which will cause the vacuum to effect worse and the absorption will become smaller. It can be replaced by fixing or repairing the fan blades.

dust extractor filter cartridge https://www.kaisenfilter.com/Filter-Cartridges