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For some people, they can take Huang Qi for a long time. Huang Qi has the effect of nourishing the lungs and replenishing the temper. It is often used to improve the symptoms of fatigue and mental weakness. However, Huang Qi soaked water is not applicable to everyone. Before that, you need

Which Kind of People Are Suitable for Taking Huang Qi?

Huang Qi has the effects of replenishing the temper, nourishing lung qi, solidifying qi, and moisturizing the swelling of the water. Commonly used for people with temper or lung deficiency.

1. People with temper deficiency

Frequent foods are less stool (eating less, thin), usually fatigue and weakness, and weakness; or drooping organs, sagging stomach, lower abdomen, anal fall, prolapse and other phenomena. In this case, Huang Qi can nourish qi and rises to the sun, but if the condition is severe, other medicinal materials need to be compatible.

2. People with lung qi deficiency

Common immunity, cold, allergic rhinitis, sneezing, runny nose as soon as blowing; often shortness of breath, not qi, often deficiency cough, low cough sound; Calculate).

In this case, Huang Qi can nourish qi and solid surface, which has a certain enhancement resistance and preventing colds (such as Huang Qi with atractylodes, windproof is Yuping Wind San, often used in qi deficiency colds). Those with severe symptoms also need other medicinal materials.

3. People with qi and blood deficiency

It is common in the beginning of the serious illness, pale or yellowing, often dizzy, lazy, fatigue, fatigue, and prone to palpitations and insomnia. In this case, Huang Qi can replenish qi and blood, soak water, can also be compatible with Angelica, make medicated diet, and nourish qi to produce blood.


Huang Qi


When is Huang Qi best to drink?

You can drink it as tea after breakfast in the morning, and it is not recommended to drink before going to bed. People are more likely to catch colds in autumn and winter, which is very suitable for soaking Huang Qi to prevent colds. It is best to soak the Huang Qi for 15-20 minutes when the Huang Qi is soaked, and then add it in the pot to boil or soak the water for a period of time. Huang Qi has qi and rises to the sun, solidarily stops sweat, diuretic and swelling. When can Huang Qi soak water, you can eat it. Boil Huang Qi as tea.

Huang qi Taking tips

1. From the perspective of physical conditions, do not eat Huang Qi during colds and menstruation

2. From the season, ordinary people should not eat Huang Qi in spring.

3. Huang Qi will aggravate the symptoms of the fire and can stop sweating. Therefore, those who have no sweat, sweat, food accumulation, yin deficiency and yang, and thermal poison are not suitable. Patients must not increase their doses without authorization, otherwise the probability of such adverse reactions will increase significantly. Therefore, drinking tea with Huang Qi must also have a degree.

4, nephropathy is yin deficiency. Those with damp heat and heat poisoning generally use Huang Qi and side effects. Therefore, Huang Qi should be disabled. Because Huang Qi is sweet and slightly warm, patients with yin deficiency will help heat, and it will easily damage yin and blood; and patients with damp heat and heat and poisoning are easy to stagnate, which will increase the condition.

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