Create Beautiful Small Fovor boxes

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Impress your guests with custom-made acrylic wedding invitations, Duallush exclusive range of acrylic invitations is available wholesale.

There are many different materials that can be used to create beautiful small Fovor boxes. Among the most popular and are often inexpensive are light cardboards and heavy card stocks. You can also find boxes made of acrylic and vinyl, which are usually secured with lightweight plastic, metal, natural paper wood, bamboo, porcelain, and chrome frames.


Wedding Invitation Favor Boxes can either be interlocking or pre-assembled two-piece boxes. Both can be made in various shapes such as square, rectangular, round, pyramid, hexagonal, heart-shaped, tuxedo-shaped, gown-shaped, luggage style boxes, treasure chest style boxes, tapered boxes with windows and etc. These are just a few that you can find if they really want to give out wedding favor boxes to all the guests in your wedding party.


Decide whether you will go for matte, glossy, crystal acrylic look for your favor boxes. To add a unique touch, you can have your choices embossed or you could also try a metal mesh. To further enhance the look of classic boxes, you can use organza ribbons, raffia, silk or paper flowers, decorative butterflies, interlocking wedding rings, hearts, doves, craft pears, sequins, crystals, tassels, customized stickers or labels.