Laugh at the Golden Knife-Xiao Yi _ txt Novel Paradise

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Each showed a'small hand 'to show each other, and both sides showed their own retreat, saving face for each other.

Each showed a'small hand 'to show each other, and both sides showed their own retreat, saving face for each other. Miss Chin is talking about an authentic Beijing dialect, the so-called "scorpion tiger" commonly known as "gecko". This Beijing proverb, "The scorpion and the tiger lift the door curtain"- "show a little hand", is very appropriate to describe the tension behind each other in the morning. "Who is this man?" Asked Childe Brocade. "What do you say?" Miss Chin raised two fingers and said, "The other camp is in the second line." You know! "Oh-" Childe brocade one Jing way: "It is him! 'Cold-faced Impermanence 'Sangtong? Miss Chin nodded and said, "That's him." Childe Jin sneered, "No wonder it's so difficult. I've heard a lot about him, but I've never seen him before.". It is said that this man has a strange disposition and kills people by staring, but he is somewhat loyal, not as bad as Mu San, who is bad to the bone. "Oh," said Miss Chin, looking askance. "How do you say that?" Childe Jin said, "You don't know that this Sang Laoer has some friendship with Master Lu An. Master Lu said that he is a'thief who also has a way. 'Master also said that in the past." "No wonder." Miss Chin nodded her head in silence. "No wonder you don't show up today, sir." Childe Jin smiled. "He left us a hand, didn't he?" Miss Chin nodded and said thoughtfully, "So he wouldn't have exterminated you even if he hadn't been greeted by Yunpiao's flute?" Childe Jinyi exclaimed, "Yun Piaopiao?"? Are you saying that the sound of the flute comes from the clouds? Miss Chin glanced at him, meaning, what else? She said, "You should know that Yunpiao is elusive and omnipresent, just like now, when we talk here, we can't keep him sitting nearby. Of course, I'm just an example." "You mean he's not really here." "Of course." Miss Chin snorted, "I know a lot more about him than you do. As long as he's here, no matter what identity he appears in, he can't escape my eyes." Childe Jin nodded in agreement, and he really had no doubt about the ability of the elder martial sister. What about the others? Childe Jin smiled and said, "I mean, if there are other enemies here, do you know?" "Of course I know," said Miss Chin. "You don't have to test me. I've seen what you've seen, and I've seen what you haven't seen." Childe Jin was slightly stunned and just wanted to turn back. Don't look. Miss Chin said, "He's looking at us, and you'll make a mistake when you turn around." Childe Jin said, "Are you talking about the two on the North Point?" "Not those two." Without raising her eyes, Miss Chin said, "The two you mentioned have already left." Childe Jin was stunned for a moment. He turned his face sideways and saw that the hunchback and a horse-faced woman who had been sitting in the north corner were really gone. He didn't know when they left. Miss Chin had just come, and she hadn't even seen her look over there. It was so clear. It was so awesome. I couldn't help admiring Elder Martial Sister's ability to observe so much. Don't be disappointed. I'll see you later. Miss Chin said with a cold face, "In fact, the two of them are not worth worrying about, but this one is somewhat difficult. We should be careful to deal with it." "Who is this man?" In fact, cold drawn tubes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, he had something in mind. He stood up and said, "I'll pay the bill first." Miss Chin continued to drink her tea, quietly and not at all impatient. Childe Jin turned to the counter and greeted Fang Beard, saying, "Look at the account." Fang Beard laughed and said, "I wrote it down. Let's count it next time." Childe Jin nodded, no longer accosted him, turned back to his seat, and Miss Chin stood up to meet him and said: "Let's go." Childe brocade nodded and said yes, and as he came and went, he also saw that in the hustle and bustle of tea customers, a thin middle-aged man with a bald head and a pointed top, wearing a homespun undershirt, was bowing his head to eat noodles. Such a person mingled with the public, it is not conspicuous, if he is suspicious, then any person is far more suspicious than him. Two people mixed in the crowd, hit him by the side, this person did not even raise his head, but Childe brocade by intuition judgment, that is he. Out of the gate, the sun shines. Is it him-the bald man? "You see that, too?" Miss Chin smiled and said, "Don't look down upon this bald man. This man is an independent figure in the'Iron Horse God Wood Order '. He is really good at flying.". Now he is the fifth Lord of the Iron Horse Gate, and his skill is not weak. Childe Jin was really taken aback. He stopped and said, "How could it be him, Huo Xiaofeng?" "Do you know?" Said Miss Chin. Childe Jin was in a daze and said, "It seems that he has already stared at us." "Yes," said Miss Chin, "but in the same way, we have our eyes on him." With a relaxed smile, Miss Chin looked at the streets and storefronts in front of her. She pulled Childe Jin and said with a smile, "Let's go for a stroll. You don't know that you can't go anywhere with your husband these days. I'm bored on the boat all day long." Her so-called husband is the Lord of Tiannan Fort, known as Mr. Ziwei's hundred-mile long wind. Childe brocade also did not know what medicine she was selling in the gourd, perhaps she was really bored. In front of the flagstone road, there are many people, the autumn sun is not hot, shining on people warm. Some small business vendors set up along the street, selling flower cloth velvet, plaster, zongzi.. Big girls and little daughters-in-law are bustling. After all, Miss Chin was a woman, so she went over and picked up a piece of cloth from a cloth stall and compared it with her. She asked if the brocade looked good. She was tall and big, but the cloth was much worse. The cloth seller was silly and said, "Oh, big girl, you are taller than me. It doesn't matter. I still have.." "She said she was going to look for it, but Miss Chin took Childe Brocade away in a fit of pique." This guy really can't do business. Miss Chin looked at Childe Brocade with a smile and said pointedly, "That's good. Those two guys are here,side impact door beams, too." Childe Jin glanced at him and asked, "Which two.." Look again, see again.