Pick up a God to cultivate and accept.

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At that time, Gu Li suddenly realized that Cheng Huan was not only their wish, but also wanted to live longer like them.

At that time, Gu Li suddenly realized that Cheng Huan was not only their wish, but also wanted to live longer like them. He entered the game alone because he didn't want them to send him away, but there were too many things in the world that backfired, and they still sent flowers to bury their bones for the last time. A step staggers, kneeling on his knees, nine Youqin fell to the ground for a moment, the strings trembled like crying, cracks climbed up a corner, but Gu Li had no intention of looking at him, he knelt on the ground, his heart was as sad as ups and downs in the sea of suffering, struggling but no driftwood for him to hold tightly, looking around blankly. In an instant, tears like rain, heaven and earth are sad, the sun and the moon are the same, thousands of flowers wither, Gu Li looked at the end of the day gradually clear figure, lip twitch is no longer smiling, sad moment, heard the cry of the heavy nine nights, Gu Li was completely awake, shaking to stand up, listening to the sound of ears without expression. …… Dad. Dad. "" “……” Young girl innocent,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, the sound of crying, more than can not bear, Gu Qian clung to the heavy nine nights, head up, eyes closed, canthus blood and tears flow, Gu Li looked back, those who died are now standing there intact, the end of the day is already fallen flood seventy-two,beam impact tubes, even the forty-eight gods killed by the flower burial bones also came back, right He stumbled and fell down, and was caught by Chen Jian, who did not know when to wake up, and looked at him in silence. For the sake of a Su Lanchen, he can be said to have done his best to calculate the destiny of heaven. Since then, there has been no shaking of the way of heaven. The flower burial bone is really a big hand. "The dead are back." Where's my brother? Is my brother back?! Quan Se recognized the sound of Chen Jian's words and grabbed Chen Jian's sleeve for questioning. Someone behind him coughed lightly. Quan Se turned around and hugged the man. A broken sob came out of his throat. Quan Ye hugged Quan Se helplessly and nodded to Chen Jian. Gu Li saw the scene in his eyes. His heart seemed to be grasped by a big hand. He couldn't breathe because of the pain. Why Why did everyone come back, only his father. His father is missing. Gu Li lost his soul and turned to leave, his back was lonely, his shadow was very long behind him, and what happened after that was hearsay, it was said that the gods had submitted to heaven and landed in Kyushu. In the first hundred years after he left, Kyushu was stable and there were no more disasters. The gods also left one after another. It is worth mentioning that Shen Junbai woke up after sleeping for fifty years. The first thing he did when he woke up was to tear down the palace of Tiandao with a sword. He carried two small dumplings in his arms and went away angrily. The Lord of the world has not yet chased people back.. Gu Qian took the heavy nine nights back to Jiuze, before leaving, Gu left to see them, in fact, he is very envious of nine nights, children can act like a spoiled child at any time, Cold Drawn Tubes ,stainless steel 304 pipes, but he has grown up, whether for his father or brother, acting like a spoiled child is not suitable for him. If you are tired, go home, don't hold on alone, Dad will be distressed. I will also be distressed. For the first time, Gu Qian blushed. Gu Li blinked. He was not used to the brother who suddenly became lovely, but he still pulled out a smile. Since that day, she had not spoken. She grabbed Gu Li's hand on her face and kissed the back of her hand. Gu Li felt that the ice field in his heart seemed to have eased. After seeing off the two men, Gu Li began to wander around aimlessly again. He stepped on the footprints of the flower burial bones in his memory. One day, he suddenly felt the remnant soul of the flower burial bones. Although the weakness was about to dissipate, Gu Li held the wisp of drifting soul and felt that the world had changed. Gu Li as the main road but also just a nominal, empty repair for but never care about anything, the emperor water day is still empty, Gu Li sometimes go to stay for a few days, Xie Xiaokun and Ruo Li from the Heavenly Palace is not far from the opposite, afraid he a person touched by the scene, will always come to accompany him. “…… Can be saved.. Dad, you can still be saved! When Gu Li rushed into the Heavenly Palace of Li Hen, his hair was messy and his eyes were red and swollen, which seemed to be the way of heaven. Coincidentally, Mingchen and Qingtian were also in the Heavenly Palace of Li Hen. Gu Li carefully held out the soul of the flower burial bone wrapped in divine power. Mingchen and Qingtian made a prompt decision to find several other people who had a relationship with the flower burial bone. Xie Xiaokun and Ruoli were not idle, looking through ancient books to find a way to fill the soul. Although each has its own action, but all tacitly avoided the way of heaven, since the death of the flower burial bone, Xue Huai did not go out, only the players know, Xue Huai crazy, trapped by the demons locked themselves up, Gu Li heard the wind just laughed, ignored. This is the best! His father is obsessed with this person, now that his father is gone, why should Xue Huai sit back and enjoy his success as if nothing had happened, crazy or let him know the pain of his father in those years. "What is Ah Li thinking?" The sound of the flower burial bone called Gu Li back from the memory and felt the cool water temperature. Gu Li hurriedly lifted the foot of the flower burial bone from the water and wiped it clean. He put it on the bed and then got up and poured the water outside. The flower burial bone sat on the edge of the bed and looked at Gu Li's back. The casual smile made Gu Qian, who had come to eat for nine nights, stand at the door. Dad. "" The words blurted out like stones falling into the water, splashing ripples, the smile on the face of the flower burial bone disappeared, and changed back to that ignorant look, Gu Qian suppressed the loss in his heart, the flower burial bone looked at him blankly, his name is burial bone, why do people always like to call him father or father? "Dad, I bought you delicious food!" Heavy nine nights can not care so much, from Gu Qian's arms back to the flower burial bone, almost succeeded, a hand holding the collar of heavy nine nights, according to the window to throw out, flower burial bone gaping at this scene, wake up so long, he is still not used to ah. Don't look, that girl is so clever that she can't fall. Come on, I'll take you to the hot spring, and they'll come to see you later. Looking at the hand handed over by Mingchen, the flower burial bone grinned and handed it over. He still didn't remember or remember these people,Precision Welded pipes, but every time he saw these people, there was an inexplicable satisfaction in his heart, as if there was a voice saying to him that all this should be so. cbiesautomotive.com