Sick, weak, white, moonlight, wear quickly.

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"That's right." Shen Fei agreed, adding, "and although Ming Zhangjun's clothes are simple, the material is not ordinary.".

"That's right." Shen Fei agreed, adding, "and although Ming Zhangjun's clothes are simple, the material is not ordinary.". Especially on one occasion, he wore a white silk shirt with lotus pattern, which was simple but elegant in color, and the lotus pattern was exquisite and complicated, especially beautiful, so I praised him a few words. At that time, I thought the material was quite familiar, but I didn't realize it at that time. That clothing material is not something that ordinary businessmen can use. Although the clothing system now exists in name only, those who have money in their families can afford to buy good materials and make good clothes. But what Ming Zhangjun wrote is different. As you know, my family is also a little famous in Suzhou. I have seen a lot of prosperity since I was a child. I recently thought of what my eldest brother had said to me, which reflected it. What Ming Zhangjun wears is the tribute sent to the palace every year by the Liu family, who is the best weaver in Su. Xiao Lingyin's heart suddenly remembered what the old ghost had said when he was possessed, and suddenly seemed to have a little more understanding. Oh, so he is the son of the imperial clan. Oh, he didn't even tell me his real name. Oh, it turns out that I should not exist in the bottom of his eyes. He looked up and looked at the tower far away. The wall was so high that it seemed to isolate all the people outside the city. It was only separated by a wall, but it was a sky and a ground. Upstairs, the palace lantern hung high, no one walked, presumably the emperor and the ministers were talking happily. He had heard his teacher mention that the son of heaven had been striving for prosperity for many years, but now he had long extinguished the idea and was only seeking peace and happiness. The disaster brought about by the Yongtai New Deal in the past few years has never subsided. Xiao Lingyin heard from time to time in his hometown of Liuzhou, Shu, that his mentor and visiting friends talked about the matter. The matter between the new party and the old party was changing and disputes continued. Today, the division of Zhejiang party and Luo party is just a continuation of the division of the new party and the old party in those years. Zhejiang Luo and Wu are the native place of the head of the three parties. At this time, the party struggle has no longer used the word "new" and "old",brass tube fitting, and because of the dispute during the new policy of yuantai, as well as the relegation attack, both parties have suffered heavy losses, and the number of people involved is unknown. Compared with the constant disputes in previous years, the court has been quite peaceful and peaceful in recent years. It was only because Yu Zhen, the prime minister who was now the head of the Zhejiang Party, and Wen Rucheng, the deputy prime minister who was the head of the Luo Party, were both Jinshi and Di in the same subject. The former was the Number One Scholar and was born in the old party, while the latter was Tanhua and was born in the new party. They befriended each other and never attacked or annihilated each other. In addition,14 needle valve, at that time, the old and new parties were mostly fighting over ideas, and they were also dedicated to the country. Although it affected the grand party, it did not hurt people's lives. Therefore, in recent years, although there have been disputes between the old and new parties, they are not serious, and there is a lot of mutual understanding. Up to now, the leader of the Zhejiang Party and the Luo Party is a good friend, which has improved the relationship between the two parties; and because of the establishment of the reserve, the two parties jointly resisted and fawned on Liu Guifei's four princes of the Wu Party. Xiao Lingyin naturally knew the reason why his teacher did not want to become an official. His teacher Xu Daoyuan was a student of Fan Chun, who was an official prime minister and single-handedly initiated the yuantai New Deal. When he was young, he was quite famous for his literary talent and was a proper member of the New Party. Later, however, the old and new parties attacked each other in the court, and the teacher was tired of the struggle, so he resigned and returned to his hometown, indulged in scholarship, devoted himself to writing books, 38 needle valve ,needle valve manufacturer, and taught students in official academies in Shu. Over the years, although he had never been an official, his reputation in the literary world was getting bigger and bigger, and he was called a great Confucian in Sichuan at that time. Mr. Mid-level, no one knows. Brother Xiao, do you still want to watch lanterns here? I have an appointment with Xi Xi at the restaurant tonight. I'm afraid I have to excuse myself. Shen Fei whispered after a while. You go, and I will go to the hostel where we stayed when we came here today. In the evening, you should also drink less wine, so as not to be as delirious as last time. "I know, and you can rest assured that I will go back later." "Then I'll go." Shen Fei said, before he left, he whispered in Xiao Lingyin's ear, "Brother Ziyu, I found a little lady behind me peeking at you all the time. I'm afraid she took a fancy to you." Xiao Lingyin one Leng, want to scold a few words, this Shen Fei is also too informal, all say some muddleheaded words. Turn around to see, Shen Fei has been walking quickly far away, did not forget to turn around and smile. The lights in the distance were bright, the street vendors were still Hawking, the guests in the restaurant were drinking and eating, and the melodious singing of the singers in the hall, accompanied by the wind at night, suddenly came into my ears. Xiao Lingyin smiled faintly, or the hustle and bustle of the world made his impetuous heart sink slowly. The place where he stood was not a good place to watch lanterns. There were few people and it was remote, but it was quite quiet. The Lantern Festival is full, the stars are dim, the spring is not thick, sometimes deep and sometimes shallow, with a chill. Turned around and walked a few steps forward, came to the river, looking at the river floating boat, but suddenly confused. What can I do? I don't know where love comes from, and I will go all the way. Xiao Lang! Xiao Lingyin turned to look and saw a pretty little lady standing at the corner under the eaves. Autumn water eyes, ice jade bone, originally for the bright moon posture, partial life charming state. The makeup is reduced, the black hair is light, the camellia red shirt is worn, and the plum pattern half-pleated skirt is covered. Stagnant and sad look, desire to speak not to speak. Xiao Lingyin was surprised and suspicious. He didn't know the lady. But he also vaguely felt that the lady probably knew herself and had a lot to say to herself. Ruan Liuzhu took a few steps forward, curling up in his posture. Xiao Lingyin felt that this person's behavior always added a little sense of fragmentation, she looked at her own eyes, through time, with shallow vicissitudes of life, as if looking at another person. Xiao Lang, I only want to tell you one thing. Don't believe it. Ruan Liuzhu said some struggle, first smooth, then difficult to say. Don't trust the three princes in the court. He is not the talent of a wise king. "Who are you?" Asked Xiao Lingyin? I've never met you? "I, I'm just a nobody, not worth remembering." Ruan Liuzhu heard this, Liu Mei frowned, tears in her eyes, she said, "I know, you do not believe, you also feel strange, why I know you." A few days ago, I had a dream at night, as if I had lived a lifetime. There are many people in the dream, and I know you in the dream. Ruan Liuzhu whispered and peeked at the man in front of him again. Alas,stainless steel needle valve, oh, oh, he is still so handsome and extraordinary.