Through the legitimate daughter of the official family

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Of course, Liu refers to Wu Yi and Wu Mei, for the marriage of the concubines, although she will also consider

Of course, Liu refers to Wu Yi and Wu Mei, for the marriage of the concubines, although she will also consider from the temperament and character, but will not be so serious to pick up, like Wu Yi's future marriage partner like that feel what kind of difference is not possible. For this Wu Xian with her opinion is the same, but he pays more attention to the benefits of his daughter's marriage, seeking a win-win situation, can match with the Wu family so a few families, there are not many men of the right age in the family, there are men of the right age themselves and have a future, character, appearance, temperament are worthy of his daughter less, Wu Xian is now the same as Liu Shi, can't think of Wu Yi's marriage. My head hurts when I think about it. If I had known that, I would have given birth to a son. Wu Xian said. Yes Liu nodded and the couple smiled at each other. The eldest son-in-law is going to leave next year, and I don't know how to prepare. "I heard Feng Er say that both knowledge and numerology are not bad. I dare not say that the number one scholar is talented, but I am sure that he will be on the list." "It's good to be on the list." Wu Xian nodded, "I just don't know who the marriage of the girl is." "She's still young, so it's not too late to pick it up slowly." "She's not young. She's twelve. She'll be thirteen after the New Year." Wu Xian shook his head. "It's just that the children in the capital are getting worse from generation to generation. Although there's already a prince, there won't be any big trouble,hydraulic fitting supplier, and it's hard to guarantee that anyone is obsessed. Now in this world, no one can see anyone clearly." "Alas-" "Cao Chun this child I look is really good, both character and knowledge are good, if not Cao Yushi died early, he is a good match, now it seems that he can not stay for a long time, he is not young now, our family has many daughters,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, the total is not a look." "Don't you trust me to run the back house?" Liu Shi raised his eyebrows. No, I went to Pudu Temple the day before yesterday, and I saw some nice houses there. I want to move Chengye and Cao Chun there to study. Sir, I have found a good one. He is a great Confucian scholar in Shandong. Chengye is too temperamental. He has to be well restrained. Pudu Temple is just outside the city. Riding a horse is the time for two sticks of incense. It's not difficult for you to see your son. Liu felt that Wu Xian now said to move Wu Chengye and Cao Chun out, there must be something else inside, but Wu Xian chose not to say, she did not ask. If it's really a big deal, Wu Xian will definitely tell her in the end. Wu Yi didn't know about it until the next day after Wu Chengye and Cao Chun left. Although she felt very strange, what she was thinking about was Wu Chengye. She went back to her yard to find a servant and they took the cloth out, intending to make a pair of shoes for Wu Chengye. But before her shoes were ready, Wu Chengye came back, saying that he could not eat well and sleep well. In seven days, he lived at home for three or four days, wasting Wu Yi's feelings. Wu Ya's life is very difficult, originally to find a marriage, 38 tube fitting ,14 tube fitting, but the result was his own brother and aunt of the sucker, even if the final matter is resolved smoothly, the same is to let her depressed in the heart. Mrs. Geng knew what was on her mind and could not say anything, but every three or five times she asked someone to take Wu Ya by car to accompany her. Mrs. Geng is also a lonely woman, she was originally married to Lord Geng because of her talent and fame, which is also a good story for a while, but the world is talking about beauty and talent, she is worse in appearance after all, after giving birth to two sons, Mrs. Geng also turned a blind eye, although she kept a cavity of pride and refused to collect beautiful women for her husband. But he didn't stop Lord Geng from looking for a beauty. Only Geng adult still respect the lady after all, beauty all concentrated in the west yard, easily don't let them appear in front of the Geng lady, Geng lady's two sons have been married in the field to be an official, Geng lady know the harm of the separation of husband and wife, let their wives follow, it also makes her more lonely, she and Wu Ya are essentially arrogant Temperament has a sensitive side, even if we do not speak together, we can know each other's mind, and we will get together more. Wu Ya envied Ma's Jingshe Xiaozhu. "If I have such a Jingshe to live in in the future, it will be a complete success." "Why do you do this at such a young age? You should always be willing to win the hearts of the people and never leave each other.". ” "How can there be so many white heads in the world? There is only one man, but there are a group of women around him." Wu Ya said that as a concubine, she knew more about the man's luck. When she was young, Aunt Sun was still very popular, and she was also very popular with Wu Xian. But since Aunt Sun was old and decrepit, Wu Xian began to slowly disappear from Aunt Sun's courtyard. You, success is also in this transparent, failure is also in the transparent, women still have to be rarely confused. "Is Godmother confused, too?" "I can't ask for confusion." Ma Shi smiled. "In a few days, it will be the Maple Appreciation Festival of Pudu Temple. Tell your wife, how about our two families go to enjoy the maple and have a vegetarian meal together?" "I have to post about it myself. I'm just talking about it, but it's always good to go out for a walk." While the two men were talking, Ma's maid Teelan came in. "Aunt Luo wants to see her." Ma Shi frowned, she was most impatient to see aunts, even the daily rules are avoided, aunts also know her temper, are hiding from her, this Luo aunt to do? "Let her in." Aunt Luo is Lord Geng's pet in the last two or three years, and she comes from a good family. When she comes to Ma Shi, she still has to give a little face. "Aunt Luo is a first-class beauty, and she is young and in her early twenties. She wears a bright peach-colored long jacket, which makes her even more charming." Greetings to your wife. When Aunt Luo entered the room, she looked around dishonestly, especially at Wu Ya several times. Get up. Without looking at her, Ma Shi said, "What's the matter with you today?" "My concubine didn't dare to disturb my wife's quiet. It's just that my sister was ill a few days ago. Although she's fine now,12 needle valve, she still has some night terrors. My concubine came to ask my wife for help and wanted to go to the temple to ask for a name." "Well, that's business." Ma Shi said that Aunt Luo said that her sister was the sixth girl she gave birth to, who was just two years old. My concubine thanked my wife on behalf of my sister. 。