A path leading to a spiders nest

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"Over there," Red Wolf said to Pien. Hold on there and don't let go. He pointed to a drainpipe near the eaves of a house.

"Over there," Red Wolf said to Pien. Hold on there and don't let go. He pointed to a drainpipe near the eaves of a house. Pien was afraid. Red Wolf almost threw him in the air. Pien had to hold on to the drainpipe, but the soapy hands and knees were slippery. So it's like sliding down the banister. He was so frightened that he could neither look down nor let go of the pipe. The Red Wolf jumped in the air to commit suicide? No It was to jump on the branch of a South American cedar tree not far away and hug it tightly. The branch he grabbed broke and fell between the broken branch and the needle-shaped leaves. Pien felt that he was about to fall to the ground, and he did not know whether he was afraid for himself or for the Red Wolf who might fall to his death. He landed, almost breaking his leg, and at once he saw the Red Wolf lying on the ground under the South American cedar tree, with some branches under him. Wolf, does it hurt? Asked Pien. The Red Wolf raised his head, and he could not figure out which were the wounds of interrogation and which were the wounds of falling to the ground. Look around. Shots are being fired. "Run!" Said the Red Wolf. Red Wolf got up and limped. Run fast He added, "Run this way to the factory." Red Wolf knows all the ways, and now leads Pien to an abandoned park of wild climbers and thorny grasses. Shoot them from the tower. The park has many fences and conifers. They can hide and run forward. Pien didn't know if he had been shot, but he didn't feel hurt. Suddenly, he fell heavily to the ground. The Red Wolf led him to a small gate, through an old greenhouse,pumpkin seed extract, and helped him climb over a wall. Suddenly, the shadows in the park disappeared, and a bright colored light appeared in front of him, as if it had been made by the transfer printing method. They made a terrible gesture: they immediately threw themselves on the ground and showed themselves. In front of them were barren hills, surrounded by a vast, quiet sea. They entered a field of carnations,turmeric extract powder, watered by women in large straw hats between gray geometric pillars. They crawled forward and couldn't let them find them. There is a winding path behind a concrete pool, and there are folded mats nearby, which are used to cover carnations in winter to prevent them from freezing. Come here. Said the Red Wolf. They hid behind the pool and pulled the mat over it so that no one could find it. We must wait here for the night. Said the Red Wolf. Pien thought of himself hanging from the eaves, thought of the sentinel's bullets, and broke out in a cold sweat. What made him more afraid was that he would encounter these things in the future. You can't be afraid around the Red Wolf now. Sitting behind the pool with the Red Wolf was beautiful, like playing hide and seek. It's just that there's no difference between play and life. Had to play seriously this time, and Pien liked it. Are you in pain, Red Wolf? "It doesn't hurt much." Said the Red Wolf, wiping the scratch with his salivating fingers. The broken branches slowed my fall. I figured it all out. How about you, lather up? Dodger, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,carnosic acid price, Red Wolf. Do you know you are a prodigy? How do you know these things? ?” "A Communist should know everything," replied the Red Wolf. "A Communist can find a solution to any difficulty." "He's a prodigy," thought Pien. "It's a pity that he puts on airs in everything." "I'm sorry about one thing," Red Wolf said. "I don't have a gun. I don't know how much I should pay for a Stan." Another mysterious word. "Stan", "Gabor", "Sim". How can you remember so many words. This discovery made Pien happy, and now he could put on airs. "And I don't want to think about it," he said. "I have a pistol. Nobody has touched it." The Red Wolf looked at him, trying not to show that he cared. "You have a pistol?" "Well, yes." Said Pien. More big bore? What brand ?” A real gun. I got it from a German sailor. I got his gun. That's why I'm in jail. "Tell me, what is a gun like?" Pien tried to explain to him, while Red Wolf told him about the various models of pistols available, and finally decided that Pien's was a P38 pistol. Pien was excited: p38, p38, what a beautiful name! "Where did you put it?" "In one place." Now it's time for Pien to decide whether or not to tell the Red Wolf about the spider's nest. Red Wolf must be an outstanding young man who can do all kinds of strange things. But the spider's nest is a big secret that can only be told to true friends. Despite all this, Pien didn't like Red Wolf very much because he was too different, always said serious things, and was not interested in his sister. If he is interested in the spider nest, he will become more likable, although he is not interested in his sister. In fact, Pien doesn't understand why all men like his sister so much. She has ugly teeth and black hair under her arms, but adults always end up mentioning his sister when they talk to him. Pien was convinced that this was the most important thing in the world, and that he was an important person, because he was the brother of the black woman of the Strip. However, he is also convinced that the spider's nest is more meaningful than his sister and all the things between men and women, but he has not yet found someone who understands these things. If he finds it, he will forgive anyone who is not interested in his sister Naila. He said to the Red Wolf, "I know a place where spiders nest." Red Wolf said, "I want to know where your p38 is." Pien said, "Well, there it is." Tell me about it. "Do you want to know how a spider's nest is made?" "I want you to give me the gun!" "Why?"? That's mine. 。” "You're a kid. You're only interested in spider nests. What are you doing with a gun?" That's mine, scoundrel. I can throw it in the ditch if I want. "You're a capitalist," Red Wolf said. "Capitalists think like that." "If you die,pumpkin seed extract," said Pien, "for example … You drowned. Are you crazy? Speak so loudly ? Someone else heard it We'll all be finished. Pien left the Red Wolf, and the two men were silent for a moment. I'm not friends with him anymore. Red Wolf saved him from prison. It's no use. They can't make up again. But Pien was afraid to stay alone. The matter of the pistol linked him so closely to the Red Wolf that he could not break off the relationship. prius-biotech.com