Wesley 084 (Monster)

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Then I thought for a moment and, following his tone, changed the subject: "If the hospital can restore

Then I thought for a moment and, following his tone, changed the subject: "If the hospital can restore the victim's sanity, then the director of management is very noteworthy." When I say this, I naturally think that Cheng Jinrun, the deputy director, is also worthy of attention, hoping that he will not become a victim again. Tao Qiquan looked uncertain and said nothing more. After a while, the helicopter landed at the hospital. It was a fairly large hospital set up by the Dow Group under the name of "Research Fund". The equipment was extremely perfect. After the helicopter landed, Tao Qiquan looked even more uneasy. Holding my arm tightly, he suddenly said, "I insist that you come to the hospital. There is another reason." When I heard this, I looked at him, but he avoided my eyes again, and his attitude was very warm. I knew that no matter what secret he had,metal cosmetic tubes, there was no one else to discuss it with except me, so I was not anxious to know, nor did I ask him. Entering the hospital building, several doctors came up together, including a brain specialist and two psychiatrists,tube lip gloss, whom I had met several times. They had no time to greet each other. They just nodded to me and shook their heads at Tao Qiquan. "What about the victim?" I asked. Several doctors looked at each other as if they did not know how to answer. I asked again, "Is it similar to sudden amnesia or sudden dementia?" Human brain tissue, in fact, is very fragile, although the skull is very strong, but as long as it is hit hard, or even just mentally stimulated, it can also make the brain tissue activity disorder. The brain expert thought about it again and then said, "Nine people are in the same situation. They have no memory." Needless to say, the EEG showed a blunt circular ripple, indicating that their brain tissue activity was much slower than normal-in this case, cosmetic tube packaging ,polyfoil tube, there was no ability to control physical activity at all. At this point, he paused for a moment and then said, "Usually, only in very severe advanced Alzheimer's disease, there is such a ripple of EEG." I am greatly astonished: "This kind of circumstance, if go further, what circumstance is that?" Several doctors said with one voice, "If you go any further, you can declare brain death.". These nine people are the most hopeless vegetative people. When Tao Qiquan heard this, he couldn't help groaning. The brain expert looked at me and said, "There is a phenomenon that is quite strange. We can't give any medical explanation, but Mr. Wesley may be interested." "Go ahead," I said. The brain expert said, "The brain examinations of the nine victims were carried out through the examination machine of the computer equipment." I just heard a sentence, and I couldn't help but make a rather strange sound. The brain expert stopped and stared at me, thinking that I had intermittent epilepsy. I made a gesture to him to continue. The brain surgeon continued: "Nine victims-in fact, seven victims were examined, and then three victims were sent to the hospital. We only examined one, and two were not examined, but I believe the situation will be the same." I sighed: "What is the situation, please quickly cut to the point, do not say irrelevant words..." The brain expert was very angry, probably because he was too tired to work. "Everything I say is relevant," he said angrily. I sighed again, and naturally I did not argue with him any more. He took a few breaths before he could go on to say: "The victim's computer-controlled instrument makes an electroencephalogram. Generally, normal people need a process, because the computer needs time to search for information. This process usually takes ten to fifteen seconds.". The victim's brain activity is obviously impaired, which takes longer, estimated to be more than 20 seconds. He spoke in great detail, and because he had been angry, I dared not ask him to stop saying irrelevant things. He took another breath. "But we examined seven victims, and there was no such process at all, not for half a second, three at a time,plastic laminted tube, and we were in a hurry!"! This situation.. Strangely, there are only two possibilities for this to happen. Previous Chapter Contents Next Chapter Author-Ni Kuang This book is produced free of charge by "E-Book Time and Space"; for more free e-books, please visit the http://www.eshunet.com/. emptycosmetictubes.com