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Little bitch, you usually give you three colors and you open a dye shop, right? Sun Meifeng's tears flowed out at once.

Jiao Ru pushed Sun Meifeng away and went straight into the house. "Hit you. I think it's too light to hit you." "Your shameless daughter actually used our family's independence as a gun. Self-reliance is simple, but I'm not a mother. Now I want to ask you for an explanation." The movement in the living room quickly alarmed the old man and the old woman of the Sun family. Old Mrs. Sun even threw herself on her daughter and said angrily, "What on earth do you want to do in the evening?"? You bought the house, but you have no right to be a bitch. "Are you trying to drive us away?" Jiao Ru sneered and pointed at Sun Meifeng's nose and scolded, "If you want to know why, go and ask her good daughter." "Mom and Dad, I don't care if you are partial at ordinary times, but now your grandson is still lying in the hospital. If you are still partial, it will really chill my heart as a daughter-in-law." Old Mrs. Sun stopped at once and asked anxiously, "What's wrong with him?"? Tell me what happened on earth? Why are you hesitating? Jiao Ru changed his slippers and walked past Sun Meifeng. "I'm going to ask your good granddaughter what she did to her cousin. Don't say anything. Call Zhou Jie. If you have anything to say, let's talk about it face to face." "Mom, your grandson is rolling around in pain in the hospital. When can Zhou Jie make it clear that he can save your grandson? Do you understand?" Old Mrs. Sun was about to say something, but when she looked at her daughter-in-law's cold eyes, she could not speak for a moment. After all, thinking about her own grandson, she pushed Sun Meifeng, "Now, you still don't call Zhou Jie to come over,heavy duty cantilever racks, let her take a taxi to come over, quickly." Sun Meifeng felt a chill in her heart. Jiao such a big fight, obviously things are not small, if it is his daughter to do, according to Jiao such temperament, the daughter will not want to walk out of the Sun family intact. For a moment, Sun Meifeng hesitated. Jiao Ru hit the nail on the head. "If you don't make this call today,warehouse storage racks, I'll go straight to your ex-husband's house to make trouble. I don't know if your good daughter can stay in that house." Sun Meifeng's eyes suddenly turned red. She didn't know what her daughter had done. Chapter 071 Zhou Jie pretended to be calm and went back to the Sun family. Although Sun Meifeng said vaguely on the phone, she was keenly aware that something was wrong, and her heart was inevitably frightened and uneasy. After doing a good job of psychological construction, she restored calm on her face. The door is unclosed, and the room is unclosed. Zhou Jie felt uneasy, but she still pretended to push the door in a hurry and saw four people sitting in silence. My heart missed a beat. She quickly looked at Jiao Ru's mood, and then hurriedly said, "Mom, what happened when you called me home so late?"? Why didn't I make it clear on the phone? I was worried all the way. Jiao Ru looked at her pretentious appearance and just wanted to vomit. She lifted her eyelids and smiled. "Now that you're here, you should make it clear that you're standing on your own feet. Otherwise, don't blame your aunt for being rude." Bending slightly, he threatened, "or you'll know what I'll do when I'm mad." Sun Meifeng almost cried out and looked at Zhou Jie worriedly. Even if she has done something unforgivable, push back racking system ,warehouse pallet racks, she is her own daughter. Zhou Jie has gone to the nightclub around a circle, but also with Qiu Xinying to explore the news, but did not hear what happened. She bowed her head in mock shame and answered uneasily, "Aunt, this is my fault.". I shouldn't urge my cousin to stand up for me. I have no way to do something wrong. I dare not disturb my cousin at ordinary times. "But you can rest assured that I won't do it again." Jiao Ru stood up with a smile. She walked slowly to Zhou Jie. As she walked, she said, "Mom and Dad, did you hear that? I didn't slander her for nothing, did I?" "How can I calm down as a mother when I'm still in the hospital?" Seeing the silence of the two old people, Jiao Ru smiled again, and there was a towering resentment in the depths of his eyes. The next second, she slapped him hard in the face. Not enough, she took another backhand. Zhou Jie's head was buzzing when she was beaten. She knew that her aunt's temper was always bad, but she didn't expect that she would be so cruel that she would come up and beat people without saying a word. She covered her face, stared at Jiao Ru, and said sharply, "What are you doing?"? Even if I ask my cousin to do something, you can't beat me like that, can you? When Sun Zili asked her to borrow money and ask her to help, Jiao Ru didn't say much. This is too much. Old Mrs. Sun dared not say much. After all, Zhou Jie is only a granddaughter, and her own grandson is still in the hospital. Jiao Ru Hehe, staring at Zhou Jie coldly, and then'Pa Pa 'to give her several times, hit the palm of the hand tingling, Jiao Ru just stopped. See Zhou Jie tearful, Jiao Ru is lack of nature, "if you don't tell the truth today, you believe it or not, even if I beat you to death here, no one cares?"? Little bitch, you usually give you three colors and you open a dye shop, right? Sun Meifeng's tears flowed out at once. Sister-in-law, is there anything you can't say well? Even if you hit me, you have gone too far. Jiao Ru turned to look at Sun Meifeng and sneered, "too much?"? Then pack up and leave. You eat my food and live in my house. Your heart is still so high. Who taught you? She narrowed her eyes. "I didn't expect you to be so weak and indecisive to give birth to such a shrewd and calculating daughter. It's a pity that you treat her wholeheartedly, but she chose a richer father. What are you in her eyes?" "You're spitting blood." Zhou Jie's cheeks were slightly swollen, and her palm prints were particularly conspicuous on her face. When she cried with grievance, she became more and more pitiful. From entering the door to now less than ten minutes, she has been more than a dozen slaps, this arrogant Zhou Jie how can endure. Jiao Ru had been in the Sun family for too long,industrial racking systems, and when she thought of her son, who was sweating in pain in the hospital, she suddenly became angry.