The best evil emperor

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I also know that the passion of making love will be reduced by half. So I didn't know how to invent a condom.

Originally, I used to think that after Dafarante, I asked two foreigners to help me collect some water-avoiding beads, but now I got a hundred thousand. I thought that this thing could be taken in unlimited quantities, and the ability to add a pair would not change. But at the beginning, I didn't expect that the amount of this thing's ability to add would be determined by the strength of its own ability. What's more, I didn't expect that the power absorbed by this thing was also related to my own understanding and aptitude. It really surprised me. It seems that the number of soldiers on this ship is almost to the limit. I want to collect this kind of beads again. It's useless to take them. And now there are about ten thousand left on my ship. It was enough for me to take the stock back to my women to make them beautiful and strengthen their strength. So now I gave up the idea of getting the water beads in Farland. The two foreigners said that there were many rare treasures in their country that we did not have in the Ming Dynasty. Maybe I would find other good things. So, the matter of hunting the water beads was put aside in my mind first. But if I can pick it up on the road, I will, but I will not send someone to search for it. Now I have enough on board, and it is not very useful to find so many more. This half a month, in fact, in addition to the great event of everyone taking water beads to practice martial arts, there is another thing that is the love between Xuaner and me. Since the last encounter with the two ships of Taoyuan Palace, because the back has been calm, I have nothing to do all day, so I *** with Xuaner every day, so that the sky is dark and the earth is dark, but Xuaner's lovemaking skills are quite skilled now. Now when I sleep with her, she will also take the initiative to tempt me,asrs warehouse, let me multiply my lust, but the day before yesterday we did not ***, because Xuaner found that menstruation came a little abnormal, this month came ten days earlier, which surprised us all, I thought she was pregnant or something, but I thought about it,industrial racking systems, I am only twelve years old now. Although I *** than adults also fierce N times, but I think Xuaner can not be pregnant so soon, and the reaction is too fast, even if my previous life is almost a month later to know whether it is pregnant, but this is only half a month, and just menstruation to some abnormal, then I thought about Xuaner is 23, 4 people. This age may also jump on any gynecological disease, so I was worried at that time, but later, after the nurses of the seven teams checked, we had a false alarm. It turned out that she was not pregnant, nor did she get gynecological disease. It turned out that she had some allergies when she ate sea fish with me last time, and we had made love frequently recently, Teardrop Pallet Racking ,shuttle rack system, so it affected the normal date of menstruation. She gave Xuaner two pairs of medicine to eat, and now Xuaner's body is back to normal, in fact, frequent sex is nothing, this is not the main reason, the main reason is that there is a certain ingredient in the sea fish that affects women's normal period, so after this, I also ordered the demon emperor and the little Vulcan to throw all the unfamiliar sea fish directly into the sea, do not eat, eat familiar. Such familiar seafood as chafing fish, golden knife fish and spring fish. Speaking of this thing is really a bit of comedy, but fortunately it's just an empty heart. In fact, when it comes to this, I really have a little heart. If Xuaner is really pregnant, should I let her give birth or have an abortion? I don't want to have a child now. But women in this era are a little conservative in their thinking. It's nothing to *** and so on, but they are not as open as the women in my previous life. If I let her abortion, she will hate me for a lifetime, and this Dynasty also has no authentic abortion operation, when the time comes can only rely on poison to abortion, and the side effects are quite big, according to the nurse said that there is a special abortion poison powder, but after eating that woman can not be pregnant, this is really a very painful thing, so after that day, I often in the heart Fortunately, Xuaner is not pregnant this time, but it seems that this is an inspiration. I can see that I will pay attention to contraception in the future. People in this Dynasty generally do not take contraceptive measures, so there is no equipment in that area in this Dynasty. No one makes condoms. However, although I have not made love with condoms, I also know that the passion of making love will be reduced by half. So I didn't know how to invent a condom. Later, I thought about it and suddenly thought of a page devoted to contraception. It was a kind of martial arts to overcome Yin. In fact, it was martial arts. To put it bluntly, it was to use the Yin and Yang sperm of True Qi to flow to the uterus. However, in order to control the movement of True Qi, I practiced it for three hours yesterday. The book says that it takes a month to master the martial arts, but with my understanding, it only took me three hours to master them completely, and they are quite skilled. Now I can use the power of True Qi to block the combination of sperm and egg 100%, that is to say, I am 100% sure of contraception now. So yesterday I was very excited after practicing this move. In the evening, I couldn't help fighting with Xuaner for a whole night. It was not until noon today that the two of us woke up in the loud sound of the horn, but the sound of the horn was not a call for dinner, which made me very curious, so I hurriedly put on my clothes and went downstairs with Xuaner in a hurry. As soon as I got to the deck, I saw the demon emperor and Li Yi coming towards me excitedly,mobile racking systems, with a happy face. When I was about to ask, Li Yi took the lead in saying: We'll reach Farrant in half a stick of incense. With that, he pointed to the map in his hand and handed it to me excitedly. Chapter 290 flying over the sea.