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Although this is the Ninjutsu that does not know the flow of fire, but Li Yalin has always thought that these two skills are more appropriate for girls to learn

Klausa's strength is very strong, since childhood is a talented fighter, but relative to Li Yalin, he is not enough to see, heraldic skills, Klausa did not even have time to escape, was directly hit by a move. The strength of the roar of instant light is really not so great. The golden demigod armor on Klausa's body was smashed directly. Klausa himself was seriously injured and fell to the ground. It was just a move. It was so powerful that it was shocking. "This is not the secret of not knowing the flow of fire." With that, Klausa spat out a mouthful of blood. Although the armor on his body blocked most of the damage for Klausa, the aftershock of this move almost shattered Klausa's internal organs. "So what?" Li Yalin's voice was so cold that he would not pity this damn guy. "Haha, a generation of new people for the old Ai I Klausa unexpectedly also have such a day, but I will not give up so easily!"! Even if I die, I will die vigorously! Klausa a burst of guffaw, lightning climb up the body, unexpectedly regardless of the body's injuries, toward Li Yalin launched the strongest blow of the super kill! "Take it!"! Kai Tubo, move your fist! Imbued with Klausa's whole body power, the super kill went straight to Li Yalin, but when he looked at Li Yalin again, he stood in place and did not move. There is a fierce ting, the power of this move is not shoes, but also Ji up Li Yalin's competitive heart, do not dodge,endless pool factory, Li Yalin also condensed the [body] inside the energy, heraldic skill brilliant night! Broken Moon Chop! The ultimate result of the collision between the super kill and the heraldic skill is that the brilliant night and the broken moon have won the victory over Kai Bo, breaking Klausa's kill, not to mention, and giving Klausa the final blow by the way! Chapter 326 new mission, Qin's secret biography? "Haha, 'You are awesome.' I lost." I was hit by a blow. "Klausa himself was already angry like a gossamer." He lay on the ground unable to move. "But even so," he laughed and "admitted his failure." He really deserves to be the hero of Klausa. "This kind of spirit (see free to" Wanshu Club ")" ordinary people can't have it all their lives. "I have no enmity with you." It's just that you dare to harm my master. "Naturally, I can't keep you." A generation of dark emperors are coming to an end. "Li Yalin's heart is also a sigh." But he won't sympathize with Klausa because of this. "This is what Klausa asked for. "I've known for a long time that I would have such a day, although I said it was a little early, but I have no regrets!"! I'm Klausa! Klausa, Emperor of Darkness! With a roar, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,outdoor spa manufacturers, 'Klausa suddenly took out a small device. "Only I can kill myself," so with that, Klausa pressed the button of the device. This thing "Li Yalin wants to know with his knee that it's not a good thing" is too bad. "If he's not wrong, Klausa wants to play self-explosion. You want to die and want others to be buried with you." This spirit is really powerful. Li Yalin was right. "At the moment when Klausa pressed the button," a series of explosions were heard at the bottom of the castle. "Gradually," the castle began to collapse. "In about three minutes," the castle would be in ruins. "Your strength is very strong. If you want to escape, it should be too late. This is for you!" What Li Yalin didn't expect was that Klausa threw a book to himself. What on earth was this guy thinking? The Secret Biography of Tai, Volume II? What the hell is this? At this time, however, Li Yalin was not allowed to think any more. The castle was about to collapse. 'If you don't run,' I'm afraid you'll be buried alive here. 'It's better to flash first. Launching the space engraving, Li Yalin directly used the dimensional leap to move out of the dark castle of Klausa. 'See Li Yalin disappear so eerily.' Klausa was stunned first, and then laughed again. "Ha ha ha, 'It's really interesting.' The appearance of the Secret Book of Tai will surely roll up a new round of stormy waves. 'Gith' I'm waiting for you in hell.." With the laughter of Klausa, the whole castle turned into a pile of ruins, and a generation of fierce Klausa was buried in the ruins. On the outskirts of South Town, Li Yalin was watching Klausa's dark castle collapse little by little. "It's really a spectacular thing." Li Yalin sighed with emotion in his heart. "This Klausa is really a man, but it's a pity that" two people are enemies but not friends. "The death of Klausa also indicates the end of Li Yalin's trip to South Town." It's time to go back to the Fire Hall. But before that, 'Li Yalin first took a look at his harvest this time.' He got 3000 game points properly. In addition, there are two Ninjutsu skill books, "Yanlong Dance" and "Super Must Kill Ninjutsu Bee", which are the proud skills of the Fire Dance. 'I didn't expect that I got these two skill books at random. Do you want to study? Li Yalin tangled, "Although this is the Ninjutsu that does not know the flow of fire, but Li Yalin has always thought that these two skills are more appropriate for girls to learn," but now Li Yalin is also a lack of skills, "forget it," or learn it, "at least to increase their own strength. But after learning two skills, Li Yalin suddenly thought that his ability to control the flame was not very strong. Will using these two skills burn clothes? This is really confusing. While there is no one to try it now, 'Li Yalin threw away his hand' and kicked out a flame. As expected, the product of Chengshen must be a fine product. The flame sent out by Li Yalin will not burn his clothes at all. 'In this way, Li Yalin is relieved. But wait, why is there a new mission? When Li Yalin finished learning skills and was ready to finish his work, he found that a new side task suddenly appeared on the task bar. Side Quest 6 Collect the complete three volumes of "Thai Secret Quest Rewards: Game Points Carp Points" to get the complete inheritance of Emperor Fist. Emperor Fist? What the hell is this? The secret book of Tai and so on, 'I have never heard of it before', where did it appear? Li Yalin is somewhat puzzled that there is no clue at all. How easy is it to collect three volumes of the Secret Biography of Tai? Never mind! Now think so much is purely looking for their own entanglement,jacuzzi swim spa, 'or go home first is better,' we must all be very anxious to wait, right? monalisa.com