Wesley 124 (Future Identity)

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To communicate with people, it must be like a radio or a television receiving sound and images.

"Fortunately," I added, "she was the only one who thought of such a way to continue to enjoy the wealth. Other tycoons, such as tycoons and Tao Qiquan, did not think of it, otherwise I am afraid I can still get a few more executors of the estate. Bai Suxiao: "If you are really the executor of the estate for those rich people, after they all die, as long as you are still alive, you will be guaranteed to be the person who can use the most wealth in the world." I spread out my hands. "But it's all other people's money." Bai Su also spread out his hands: "I think their chances of enjoying this wealth again are zero, so you can use Mrs. Wan's model to solicit business and be the executor of many people's estates.". It's a pleasure to have a lot of money to spend at will. I am busy: "Wait a minute, you say 'the opportunity is equal to 0', explain in detail please! Please explain in detail!" Bai Su sighed: "Even if the existence of the soul is affirmed, people know nothing about the way the soul exists after death.". Everything about the soul is only an assumption, and it is all a wishful assumption without any basis in fact. These assumptions are far from the truth, so there is no chance to realize them. I said, "But there are examples of babies who can talk as soon as they are born, and what they say is related to their previous lives." "Yes," said Bai Su, "there are such examples,american hot tub, but do you know under what conditions such a situation occurs? There may be tens of thousands of factors that happen to come together to have such a result. If one factor is missing, the result may be completely different. Do you have any way to ensure that you have exactly the same factors as the example? I have nothing to say, because what is the situation of the soul, Chen Changqing said well: "The living will not understand in any case!"! This is really black humor-the living will not understand, the dead understand, but can not tell the living, so it is always a mystery. Bai Su said again,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, "Many people, like Mrs. Wan, think that if their will is strong enough, they can make their souls move at will.". But in fact, there are no examples of success at all, only examples of failure. I made a gesture and asked her to give "examples of failure". Bai Su nodded: "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the famous fictional character and creator of the great detective Sherlock Holmes, firmly believes in the existence of the soul." Bai Su just said this, and I already know that the example she cited really illustrates the truth that the actions of the soul are completely beyond the control of human will in life. Sir Conan Doyle believed in the existence of the soul, and he and his character Holmes were world-famous and influential. Conan Doyle not only believed in the soul, but also believed that the soul could be attracted, that is to say, people could communicate with the soul. He not only held many spiritualism meetings, but also called his theory "spiritualism". There are very detailed records of the spiritual meetings held by him and his comrades, jacuzzi bath spa ,5 person hot tub, which are important information in the study of the soul. He also gave many lectures on the study of the soul, which had a profound influence, and many contemporary spiritualists were deeply influenced by him. Unfortunately, spiritualism sometimes succeeds, most of the time fails, and there is no way to know under what circumstances it can succeed, so Conan Doyle's conclusion is that the soul is not controlled and can only communicate with people in "accidental" situations. One of the accidental situations is that when the soul has a strong will to communicate with people, communication will occur. The second is completely accidental, just like people walking in the street, someone will pass by, but if you want to find that person again, another chance encounter in the street, the chance is zero. Conan Doyle's hypothesis was accepted by many people at that time. In order to prove his hypothesis, Conan Doyle made an agreement with his family before he died that his soul would appear at home on a certain day of a certain month, and that it would appear for everyone to see and photograph to prove the existence of the soul and the hypothesis that the soul could communicate with people as long as it was willing. As a result, nothing happened at that time. Not to mention the absence of a soul, not even the feeling of "feeling" the existence of a soul as it appears in a general psychic meeting. This result leads to different conclusions among the schools that believe in the soul and those that deny the soul. Of course, those who deny the existence of the soul argue that this is the best proof that there is no soul at all. Those who believe in the existence of the soul hold different views, believing that this not only proves that the behavior of the soul is not controlled by the will of human beings, but also proves that it is not easy for the soul to communicate with human beings on its own initiative. Of course, since it was a fact that Conan Doyle's soul did not appear that day, those who believed in the soul were ridiculed. Those who believe in the existence of the soul do not waver in their belief in themselves, do not take ridicule seriously, and make more assumptions. Based on this fact, I have also made my own hypothesis in spiritualism, which has been accepted by many people at the London Spiritual Society. My hypothesis is that the soul is like an existence in the state of radio waves. To communicate with people, it must be like a radio or a television receiving sound and images. It must be an absolute match between the two bands, otherwise nothing will happen. I think the reason why people and the soul can not communicate at will, but only occasionally, is not in the soul, but in the human brain. Assuming that the band of the soul is fixed, and the human brain is responsible for receiving, when people can not adjust the band of their brain at will, receiving the information of the soul can only be accidental, but not inevitable. It's like the air is full of all kinds of radio waves, and if your radio or TV is not tuned to the band you can receive, you won't feel anything. In this case, nothing can be felt, which in no way proves that all kinds of radio waves do not exist! My explanation was greeted with applause at the time, and several people even considered me a confidant of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Of course, it is appropriate for Bai Su to cite this example at this time, because even a strong-willed big man like Conandil can't control the behavior of her soul, how can He Yanrong make her soul act according to her budget plan. Therefore,hot tub manufacturers, He Yanrong's assumption that a newborn baby can talk and ask people to look for Wesley and so on, the chance of becoming a fact, is equal to zero. monalisa.com