Konoha Ghost Market of Hokage

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Originally, when Kimimaro's dance of the wire flower was rolled back by the collapse, it was Ishikawa Hai who took the opportunity to storm.

In the previous battle, under the assignment of Shikamaru, a large number of troops were used to contain the wild baiters of Tongcao, and a small number of troops were used to assist Kimimaro in killing the leader of the fog and killing troops, Ishikawa Hai, which artificially created local superior forces. In Shikamaru's view, ninjas who have survived two wars are either tortoises who are afraid of death and shrink behind everything, or they are strong and sometimes have excellent intelligence and overall outlook. As one of the Fog Shinobi, could Fog Shinobi's iconic ninja be the first? He wants to be afraid of death and hasn't had a chance yet! If there is a slight change, the first one to clear him is the top level of the fog. So it's not practical to take down Tongcao Wild Bait Man in a short time. Kakashi and Kai are holding down the other two fog ninjas. Asma and Red are sweeping behind them, ready for support. So Shikamaru boldly divided his forces and completely wrapped Ishikawa Hai and Kimimaro in a narrow secret room environment with white magic mirror ice crystals, maximizing the speed of white and Kimimaro's defense capabilities. The rest of the people use their own ninjutsu to contain the wild bait people. In fact, Shikamaru succeeded! Ishikawa Hai was caught off guard by the white attack, and he completely fell into the trap of the place. The water dragon bullet that was originally used on the bridge has completely turned into a prop for the enemy to besiege their own ninjas. The powerful defense of the magic mirror ice crystal and the addition to the ability of the white blood relay almost made him suffer. Is Ishikawa Hai weak? Of course not! As the leader of the Fog Endurance Force, of course, he has two brushes. In the environment of fog, it is not the enemy who has no strength to kill you first, but your teammates! However, Ishikawa Hai is best at body and assassination. If you want to say, then he is actually similar to the existence of Mitarai Zixiao, but all aspects are slightly inferior. The negative effects of powerful body art and assassination art are seriously biased. Ninjutsu knows nothing about anything except three-body art and fog hidden art, and illusion art only stays on lifting. In the case of any other ninja,jacuzzi manufacturers, whether it is proficient in any kind of ninja body fantasy, after detailed arrangement and ambush, coupled with the powerful body as the backing of the assassination, Ishikawa Sea can absolutely easily obliterate the other side's life. But after meeting Kimimaro, Ishikawa Hai could only sigh with a wry smile that his luck was too bad. As a master of body art, the most annoying thing is not to meet the ninjas who specialize in the two systems of Ninja and Fantasy, and even the general blood ninjas, he doesn't care much about them. Only fear,best whirlpool tub, is the fog endure their own blood after the family-Kaguya! It is not a casual remark that the corpse vein of the Kaguya family is said to be invincible. In terms of physical skills alone, there is really no one who can handle a hedgehog full of bones. You hit him, you hurt him, but he doesn't hurt. If he hits you, you will die if you can't escape. Ishikawa Hai's current situation is so painful. After the white fixed dodge range and completely blocked his agility advantage, the situation of egg pain became more and more obvious, and it had reached a bad situation between life and death. Ten fingers through the bullet! As soon as the bone knife in Kimimaro's hand was closed, his hands stretched forward, and ten phalanges pierced the skin in an instant, shooting at the sea of Ishikawa with the naked eye. Under the continuous thrust of Kimimaro's corpse vein and Chun's dance, Ishikawa Hai, who was beaten with only defensive strength, waved the special bitterness in his palm continuously, and when the wind pressure from the bullet belt stung his cheek, he realized that the other side's attack had reached his face silently. Now the only way is to jump back to avoid, whirlpool bathtub ,endless swimming pool, but Ishikawa Sea wry smile, unexpectedly do not retreat instead, stand up and eat the ten bone bullets. Puff! The muffled sound of the bone shot into the body kept coming through, and after Ishikawa Hai received the bone shot with his chest, his body kept rolling forward several times in a row, only to hear several aggressive sounds, and no thousands of copies were nailed to the place where he had stood before. Yeah, I dodged it. Kimimaro said coldly, his right hand from the back a wipe a pull, a long soft whip was pulled out in an instant, like a snake in his hands. Cough! Ishikawa Hai suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood and smiled helplessly at the corners of his mouth. His experience and its rich, as early as ten fingers through the moment of ejection will feel behind if there is no murderous look, if you get up and jump, then behind will be completely enveloped by the other side of the attack, then then under the assault of Kimimaro, there is only one word of death. With his own injury in exchange for avoiding the fatal blow, even he himself can not say clearly whether he earned or lost. Corpse Vein, Dance of Wireflower! Kimimaro did not give him too much time to think, holding the palm of the soft whip, the soft whip burst in an instant, like a poisonous snake injected with life, hissing the poisonous letter, and quickly rolled towards the Ishikawa Sea. Tink! Ishikawa Hai's body was short, his half-squatting legs were suddenly tight, and the strange bitter moment in his hands, which was about three minutes longer than usual, was seven inches above the soft whip! Soft whip suddenly bounce, roll back, Ishikawa Sea's blow is wonderful to the extreme, eyesight and timing of the grasp as well as the size of the force must be perfectly controlled, can not lack the slightest bit. .. Volume IV Before the Wind Chapter 40 You Dou However, two fists are hard to defeat four hands, even if Kimimaro's inevitable blow is completely destroyed or even reversed by Ishikawa Hai, it still can not change his disadvantage. Originally, when Kimimaro's dance of the wire flower was rolled back by the collapse, it was Ishikawa Hai who took the opportunity to storm. The battle of the masters was only for a line. However, Ishikawa Hai's forward footsteps had to stop, because countless hardships were not nailed straight on the road of his relocation. With a wry smile, the bitterness in Ishikawa Hai's hand turned slightly, held it upside down in the palm of his hand, lunged and squatted, and put on a defensive posture. It's not that he doesn't want to attack, but that he really can't attack. If you fight alone, Kimimaro may be able to delay for a period of time, but white is no match, white proud of the speed and blood after the secret of the magic mirror ice crystal is really can not cause too much damage to the other side, this is the drawback of Qianben. The consequence of speed and quantity completely surpassing the bitter is the sharp reduction of lethality. Coupled with the contrast in speed, it is obvious that the Ishikawa Sea, who was born in the Fog Endurance Army,jacuzzi suppliers, is much more dominant. Even with the blessing of the Magic Mirror Ice Crystal, White is still inferior. More importantly, Bai hates killing. monalisa.com