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It will be a very difficult world of horror movies.

Here is still the "main God" space, despite the internal injury, a whole body repair can be restored intact, so when Zheng Zha repaired, he found Cheng Xiao the first time to ask the reason for the sudden change of strength, and at the moment Cheng Xiao is worse than Zheng Zha who used the "explosion" at the beginning. He almost rolled his eyes and lay on the ground, sticking out his tongue and breathing. Huh? This force? Cheng Xiao was not as proud as everyone imagined. On the contrary, there was an indescribable expression of misery on his face. After a long time, he shouted with grief and indignation: "Mom, do you think this force is a good thing?"? When I was very young. An earthworm-like golden worm was put into my body, and they told me that it was a parasite, that it would settle down in my body and keep growing, that it would lay eggs and reproduce, and that the stronger the worm was, the stronger my strength would be. Said to be what life cup or something, I rely on, lie to me ah, that is clearly a rare golden earthworm just! "The power just now came from this worm.". It stays in my Dantian all the time, and every time I use this power,Chinese spa manufacturer, it hurts as if my intestines are broken. Can you imagine? A big man, but there is a long, thick yellow thing in his body that keeps wriggling! I'm a man. "Pow!" A chair was thrown directly on the ground door of Cheng Xiao. At the moment, Cheng Xiao was lying on the ground and was weak. So the chair was thrown directly to his nosebleed. But he just wiped the nosebleed. Then he said with grief and indignation: "I feel like I'm going to die every time. As a man, I was moved by such a thing in my body. I'm really.." "Pow!" Another chair flew over, but this time the person who shot was not Zhao Yingkong, but Zhan Lan took the lead. In short,whirlpool hot tub spa, Cheng Xiao's power has been confirmed, his power comes from a parasite named Benming Cup in his body, although the cup is said to be magical in many people's mouths, but Cheng Xiao explained that it is just a genetic mutant worm cultivated by some family secret methods, and most of these worms are highly toxic or other effects on the human body. A small number of insects have no negative effects on the human body, but will make the human body stronger, such insects are called the life cup. In addition to this life cup, I will also have a special way to improve combat power. Cheng Xiao waited until the pain of the life cup was over before he proudly said: "I can increase my strength, speed, reaction force and resistance by many times by sealing some acupoints on my body with golden needles. But this is too harmful to my body. I have to use some breath-holding breathing methods I learned to alleviate the harm of this technique to my body, but it can't last long.." Zheng Zha this is really speechless, before Cheng Xiao has been positioned as a team doctor, who knows that the doctor is such a strong role, endless swim pool ,indoor endless pool, speaking of Cheng Xiao into the horror film world seems to have not been how to strengthen or exchange any attributes, his strength is brought by himself, if it is described as a killer doctor, it will be. Zheng Zha recalled an enemy that the Zhongzhou team had met when they were still weak, that is, the jackal doctor of the Indian team, who was also a powerful doctor. Now that it is determined that Cheng Xiao's fighting power is really strong, then Zheng Zha is really serious to train Cheng Xiao, the lady-killer immediately complained, the original plan to approach Yingkong's sister has been unable to achieve, in Zheng Zha's strong request, Cheng Xiao had to cheer up and start training every day.. Even if he looks very listless. …… Are you really not afraid that it's gone? I thought you said that, didn't you? The last time I returned to the space of the Lord God, it was repaired together with the following. Aren't you afraid of being the last eunuch on earth? Zheng Zha asked Cheng Xiao in a low voice in private. But Cheng Xiao answered with a sense of righteousness: "What are you talking about?"! Am I such a person who is afraid of trifles? Do you know that it is really possible for a girl like this to have a slightly neutral appearance, but a beautiful and childlike image? This can only appear in comics or novels, right? Of course, H animation may also.. "Well, in short, my point is to keep working hard now, so as not to regret later!" "I think you want to jump on it now so that she won't castrate you later?" Zheng Zha can only answer helplessly to such a person, but he has some enlightenment about Cheng Xiao's words, and now he keeps working hard so as not to regret later. Do you work hard now? "So.." Tomorrow is the day when we enter Nightmare on Elm Street, so let's have a good rest from this afternoon and have a good sleep until tomorrow. We will embark on a new journey! Zheng Zha said this to all the team members, except Chu Xuan and Xiao Honglu, who entered Chu Xuan's room without saying a word, and did not know what they were going to do there, but no matter what they were going to do, they would meet early tomorrow morning. In fact, there is no gossip to say here, nothing more than the performance of each person and some of the leisure methods of each person, if the expression is detailed, it will attract some people to say that the author is greedy, so I will not mention it here for the time being, but after Zheng Zha calmed down, he looked back and forth carefully several times, I don't know why, but he had a little bad feeling in his heart. Always feel that this horror film world is not as simple as it shows, perhaps this horror film world. It will be a very difficult world of horror movies. A night without words, the second day, Chu Xuan and Xiao Honglu appeared in front of everyone, Zheng Zha learned from Xiao Honglu that Chu Xuan had really made the magic cannon, and in order to prevent his internal force exhaustion,hot tub spa manufacturers, also made a launch mode using energy stone, although the power is smaller, but. “…… That should be no less powerful than ordinary nuclear weapons. 。