Shangguan Ding Broken Sword

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Anyone who knows a little about martial arts will try his best to dodge when he is attacked, but Ling Xianggong will not move, which proves that he is indeed a scholar.

At this time, the room was full of shouts and shouts, dodging and jumping one after another, and suddenly there was chaos. Jinde master and iron hook woman all hurriedly shouted "stop", thunder turn Xiao Ziqing and others, look nervous, already in a hurry. Only Ruan Zifang, the "handsome Ichiro" of the "Crouching Tiger Villa", established a corner, grinning grimly, with a proud look on his face. When Master Jinde saw that Wan Luping looked crazy, he could not help saying anxiously and loudly, "Miss Ping, please stop. My cousin just fainted. He has no worries about his life." Wan Luping was willing to listen, and the jade wrist turned over, still following one sword after another. Thunder Xiao sees iron hook old woman stands erect motionless, also say anxiously aloud: "Old hook old woman, do not be in a daze motionless, still do not control your order daughter." Although the iron hook woman is extremely dissatisfied with Gong Ziyun, but Ling Zhuangzhi is not her real cousin, at this time by Xiao Ziqing a shout, but can not ignore. Then small eye stares, blurt out to drink loudly: "Dead Girl, you are mad, you stop to look first, the person died to spell with her again!" As he spoke, he took advantage of the gap to take a quick step forward,Wheel tape measure, and with an iron hook in his hand, he made a move to "block the river and intercept the bucket", and quickly sealed it out. With the sound of gold and iron, several sparks splashed, and the sword in Wan Luping's hand was locked by the iron hook woman. As soon as Master Jinde saw this, he quickly announced the name of the Buddha and said, "Amitabha, carry the little benefactor to bed quickly." Ruan Zifang, standing in the corner, saw this situation,horse weight tape, and the ecstasy in his heart turned into disappointment and chagrin in an instant, and the look on his face suddenly sank. Thunder turned to Xiao Ziqing and saw that Ling Zhuangzhi's face was pale and his eyes and mouth were slightly closed, but his body temperature was normal and his heart was still beating. He could not help but secretly praise Ziyun's acupoint pressing technique. "Xuanji" is one of the major acupoints of the human body, which can cause serious injury or death, but Ling Zhuangzhi is a syncope phenomenon, which can not help but make Lei Tingguai and others estimate the level of Gong Ziyun's martial arts. At the same time, he also saw the real intention of Gong Ziyun, must be suspected that Song Nanxiao died in the hands of Ling Zhuangzhi, he also secretly took a look at the palm of Ling Zhuangzhi's right hand. According to the legend of Wulin, the person who practices the "Qinggang Qi" of Jiuhua Witch has five obvious blue hand lines in the palm, which lead to the tips of the five fingers of the hand. However, the thunder crutch looked down, Ling Zhuangzhi's palm, there is no line, his frosty eyebrows a frown, the more the heart of Ziyun in the Candle Palace, so looking at the cold attention to the action of the green duckweed, smiling and consoling said: "Miss Gong is just trying to see if Ling Xianggong really doesn't know martial arts." Wan Luping didn't wait for the thunder to finish. She smiled coldly and said, "Hum, Surveyors tape measure ,Pi tape measure, he's my cousin. Don't I know better than she does whether he knows martial arts or not?" As he spoke, he took an angry look at Ziyun, a girl in purple clothes, who was holding a jade fan and meditating intently. At the same time, he raised his wrist and put the sword into the scabbard. Tiegoupo is a notoriously difficult person in Jianghu. Because Master Jinde was present at this time, it was inconvenient for her to have an attack. But she still looked at Gong Ziyun and said coldly, "Miss Gong, please untie the acupoint quickly. Be careful that you will suffer internal injuries if you are restrained for a long time!" Gong Ziyun must be a God. He immediately said with a smile, "Don't worry, senior. After a while, Ling Xianggong will wake up." The cry of "senior" made the iron hook woman very happy, so she nodded and did not insist. In order to prove his idea, Lei Tingguai immediately asked, "Miss Gong suspects that Song Nanxiao was done by Ling Xianggong." Gong Ziyun bowed her head slightly and looked at Ling Zhuangzhi on the bed apologetically. She said, "Yes, I always suspected that he was a man who knew martial arts. In addition, the time when Song Nanxiao was killed happened shortly after Ling Xianggong left everyone.". However There is another reason, which I am not able to tell you at the moment. Xiao Ziqing didn't want to tell Gong Ziyun's other reason in time. He seemed to feel a little unhappy. Therefore, he intentionally exposed it and said, "But just now the old man looked at Ling Xianggong's hand. There are no five blue lines in his palm." Gong Ziyun smiled elegantly and said, "Qinggang Qigong, if you practice to the highest level of perfection, the blue lines on your hands will disappear." Thunder crutches and several old men in strong clothes listened, their faces changed, and at the same time they said "oh" lightly, and their eyes moved to Ling Zhuangzhi on the bed at the same time. Wan Luping, on the other hand, thought that the girl in purple dress was sincerely embarrassed by Ling Zhuangzhi, so she said angrily, "How old is my cousin?"? Even if he knows martial arts, he can never practice the Qinggang Qigong of the female devil to the peak! Master Jinde, who had been frowning and meditating, thought that he had the intention of calming things down, so he interrupted and said, "According to my opinion, the blue and slender palm print on the chest of the benefactor of Song Nanxiao, that man's Qinggang Qigong, has at least a hundred years of heat." When Xiao Ziqing and others heard this, their faces changed greatly, and they all seemed to be shocked by the astonishing events that had taken place in the past two days. The woman also didn't know the real background of Ling Zhuangzhi, so she wanted to know whether Ling Zhuangzhi knew martial arts or not. So she deliberately asked in a sour tone, "Miss Gong, have I ever learned martial arts as a distant nephew who reads books all day long?" Gong Ziyun's eyes, like autumn water, flashed slightly, and immediately shook his head, but did not give a positive answer: "Anyone who knows a little about martial arts will try his best to dodge when he is attacked, but Ling Xianggong will not move, which proves that he is indeed a scholar." Wan Luping was burning with anxiety all the time. Seeing Ling Zhuangzhi's complexion, although he had already regained his ruddy complexion, he still hadn't opened his eyes. So he couldn't help asking anxiously in a deep voice, "You said he woke up in a moment. Why hasn't there been any movement yet?"? ..” Isolated in one corner, Ruan Zifang's eyes twinkled. He felt it was now or never. He immediately said with pleasure, "Let me untie the acupoint for him!" With these words, he crossed the old man in Tsing Yi and went straight to the bed. As soon as Gong Ziyun saw the change in her appearance, she was about to make a sound to stop her. Suddenly she saw Wan Lvping's willow eyebrows erect and her almond eyes wide open. She blurted out in a harsh voice, "Stand here. Who wants you to mind your own business?" As he spoke, he raised his jade wrist and held the hilt of the sword behind his shoulder in his right hand. Handsome Ichiro Ruan Zifang, arrogant and arrogant, has ever been so reprimanded,fish measuring tape, suddenly angry eyes show fierce light, face livid, Leng Leng stood there motionless.