Gold Dust Family

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Before Yanxi could answer this question, Yufen came out and said, "How did your brother and sister set up accounts here?"

This afternoon, Yanxi came back from the outside, because Yufen had an appointment, the cards of the day before yesterday were not finished, and today she came to decide the outcome again. "As soon as they got to Yufen, they pounced on her, but the little maid, Qiuxiang, said," Grandpa and the eldest young lady are fighting. Everyone is there, but the seventh master hasn't looked at them yet. When Yanxi heard about it, she hurried over, only to see Minzhi and Runzhi coming over. Runzhi shouted in the yard, "The weather has not yet come to the time when the horses are fat in autumn. How can we fight?" When Yancey saw his sister telling a joke, she realized that it wasn't a big problem. "What's wrong?" She asked. "I just came back from the outside, too," said Runzhi. "I heard my eldest brother talking about his family in the front. I didn't know there had been a fight in the back." As they spoke, the three brothers and sisters went into the room. The tears on Peifang's face had not disappeared, and she was lying on a cane chair talking to Yufen and Huichang. "Come on," said Yufen, "you'll have to pretend to be vague. You'll have to suffer a loss. It must have made my father and mother know, but it was just to let my eldest brother get a few scolds. "I don't care if I'm scolded or not," said Pei-fang. Even if he is scolded, I can't finish it. Runzhi said with a smile, "Should this negotiation be expanded?"? The eldest brother has been scolded, but does he want to be beaten by the man who is going to be a father? Pei-fang couldn't help laughing and said, "You're talking nonsense again!"! Seven is still here. "Yufen said with a smile," Sixth Sister has the ability. We talked about it for a long time, but sister-in-law didn't pay any attention to it. As soon as you came in, she smiled. "It's not that I can say it,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe," said Runzhi. "It's not that I'm particularly popular, but when it comes to sister-in-law Cola, she can't help but be happy." Everyone was talking and laughing, but Peifang's anger went down a lot. Yanxi was the only one, a person of the opposite sex, who could not say anything, so she had to walk under the porch and look at the flowers and plants under the yard. Under the stone steps, there are several clumps of foreign Pteris multifida, which have now been handed over to the beginning of autumn, and the grass is flourishing and flourishing. Next to the Pteris multifida, a pair of bamboo scissors was thrown, which was covered with mud. The flowers and plants in this yard were originally tidied up by Xiao Lian every day. Now Xiao Lian has been gone for three days, and the scissors are thrown here, which makes people feel like they are in the same room. This reminds me of Xiao Lian's life experience. Now if she really follows Liu Chunjiang in one place, that is also her happiness. I am afraid that Liu Chunjiang is a temporary sexual action, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,stainless steel welded pipe, and if she is unhappy in the future, she will be thrown down. I think Xiao Lian has no place to say. Although a man was in a daze, he was in a trance with his hand on the pillar in the corridor. Runzhi said in the room, "I saw Seven here just now. Why did he disappear in a twinkling of an eye?" "This child is like this," said Minzhi. "Every night he loses his mind. He drills here and there. In my opinion, he should be sent to a very strict school in a foreign country, so that he can learn more or less. He is so confused now that he doesn't know what kind of life he is living. "What kind of life did he lead?" Asked Yufen? It's love life. All day long, I plan how to fall in love with someone. Originally, it was so big. When Yufen said this, she quickly covered her mouth with her right hand, but pointed a few fingers out of the window with her left hand. "He hasn't left yet," she said with a gentle smile. "Look, isn't that his shadow?" Run Zhi walks out, see he is staring blankly, in a daze, ask: "What are you looking at?" Yanxi suddenly came to her senses. She turned around and said with a smile, "You were talking so loudly in the room that I couldn't get a word in edgewise, so I had to come out." Runzhi said softly, "Sister-in-law's anger hasn't disappeared yet. We want her to play cards and let her calm down." "I came to play cards today," said Yanxi. "Of course I was a dime, but I spent all my money. If you lose, can Sixth Sister lend me some money? Run Zhi Dao: What's the matter? Don't you have any money? What expenses do you have to make you so poor? "Father hasn't given me any money for half a year," said Yanxi. "How can I not be poor?" "Last March," said Runzhi, "I checked your account and found that you still had more than two thousand yuan. Can you spend five or six hundred yuan a month?" "I don't know how I did it," said Yanxi. "I spent all my money. Not only did I have no savings, but I was also in debt. Aunt Cui borrowed three hundred yuan, and the third sister-in-law also borrowed three hundred yuan, as well as bits and pieces of small money, I'm afraid it's almost a thousand. I have to look for a thousand yuan, and this difficulty can't be overcome. "One thousand yuan," said Runzhi. "That's a small thing. Just say it. How did you make this deficit?"? I'll lend you a thousand yuan to spend your debts. "That's a problem," said Yanxi. I just use it in bits and pieces. How can I say it. If I can say it, I won't be in the red. I don't think Sixth Sister needs much money. She always has some savings. She doesn't care if she moves three hundred or four hundred yuan for me. "You're working so hard to borrow money," said Runzhi. "I ask you, what kind of money will you expect to pay back in the future?" Before Yanxi could answer this question, Yufen came out and said, "How did your brother and sister set up accounts here?" "It's not an account," said Yanxi with a smile. "I don't have the capital to play cards. I'm here to raise money temporarily." "How can you raise money if you play a few big cards?" Asked Yufen. "I have other uses, old creditor," said Yanxi. "Can you lend me some more?" "You want to borrow money again," said Yufen. "What for?"? What about eating less? What about wearing less? The three elder brothers have families, and they are not in need of food as you are. "They all have errands," said Yanxi. "They have expenses and income. I don't earn money. Why am I not poor? "Dad gives you three hundred yuan a month," said Yufen. "What do you do?" "I've been spending half a year's money," said Yanxi. "I won't dare talk to my father until the end of next month. "Sixth Sister, Third Sister, I'm here to pay my respects to you two old people and think of some ways for my brothers." Then he squatted down. "Well," said Yufen with a smile,304 Stainless Steel Coil, "where did you learn to do that? "But we don't deserve your flattery. How old are you?" "I should have been beaten," said Yanxi with a smile. "I didn't pay attention, so I just said it like that. It's really wrong to say'your old man '. You just don't think you heard it.