A deadly journey

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"Wait a minute, Du Li." Colin pressed her hand and pointed to the bottom paragraphs of the book, saying, "The most wonderful and interesting thing is the following

Du Li put her mobile phone into her purse, walked out of the hospital, and immediately called a taxi and went straight to the Bali Western Restaurant. It was almost in her old seat that day that Du Li met Colin. But this time there is one more person, Colin's old friend, Mu Chuan, who graduated from Harvard University in the United States. Colin stood up to meet Du Li. After sitting down, he asked, "You haven't eaten yet, have you? What would you like to order first?" You'd better say what it is first. I'll eat later. Du Li said. Colin looked at Du Li with shining eyes and said, "You can't imagine what I've found!" "Don't keep me in suspense," said Mu Chuan, who was sitting next to him. Now that Du Li is here, you can say it quickly. I've been hanging my appetite for a long time. Colin blushed and said to Du Li, "I went to your house the day before yesterday and saw the picture that your father had been drawing repeatedly. At that time,brushed stainless steel sheet, I felt a little familiar, as if I had seen it somewhere before.". I thought about it for a whole day after I got home, and finally I remembered! There used to be an old book in our house. It was my grandfather's. When I read this book when I was a child, I saw the pattern your father drew! This pattern is very special, so after so many years, I can still have an impression! "What!"! There is such a thing! Du Li exclaimed. Colin made a gesture to Du Li to stop talking. Just hear me out. When I remembered the book,304 Stainless Steel Bar, I rummaged around the house looking for it. Because my grandfather died a long time ago, I had to look for his belongings one by one. After searching for most of the day, I really found the book! "What book is it?" Mu Chuan asked. It is an English archaeological research book published in Britain in 1912. "Have you brought it?" Mu Chuan asked again. Brought it. Colin pulled out a thick, hard-covered old book from the black leather bag beside him. Because of its age, the book looks a little broken, and the paper is yellow and brittle-but it can still be seen that the owner of the book must have taken good care of it. Colin carefully turned to a page in the middle and pointed to a photo on that page and said to Du Li, "You see, your father drew this pattern, didn't he?" Du Li went up to have a look and exclaimed, "Oh my God!"! This is really the pattern! "The difference is that this picture is black and white, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,mirror stainless steel sheet, while your father painted it in color.". But I believe this is only because the camera used to take this picture was a black and white camera! Colin said. Yes, that's right! Du Li looked at the picture carefully. "I'm so familiar with the picture my father painted!"! It's exactly like this pattern! "What does this pattern mean?" Mu Chuan asked. Hearing this, Colin was very excited again. "That's the point!"! When I was a child, I couldn't read English, so I just read this book as a picture book. "But after I found the book yesterday, I read the introduction of this picture in the English-Chinese dictionary." Colin pointed to an English passage beside the photo in the book and said to Du Li and Mu Chuan: "The general meaning of this passage is that archaeologists found that there may have been an ancient human civilization on an unknown uninhabited island in the South Pacific Islands, and surprisingly, the time is tens of millions of years from now.." "Wait a minute." Muchuan interrupted him and said, "Human history is only a few million years so far-how could there be people tens of millions of years ago?" Colin pressed the book and said, "Will you hear me out?" "Archaeologists have found some rock paintings and hieroglyphs in the remains of this civilization, but no human fossils have been found." Colin glanced at Muchuan. "So archaeologists can only speculate on the basis of these rock paintings and hieroglyphs that this ancient civilization was quite prosperous, that the people living there had wisdom close to that of modern people, and that they were once called the Ekaz tribe-but for some reason, the people of this tribe and their civilization mysteriously disappeared." This ancient civilization has disappeared. 'Ekaz '.. What do you mean Mu Chuan asked curiously. The local dialect means'death '. Colin said. The Death Tribe? That's interesting. "Mu Chuan pushed the frame of his glasses, showing great interest." So, what does this pattern in the photo have to do with this civilization? Du Li asked. According to the book, in addition to the remains of this civilization, archaeologists have also found fossils of an ancient lizard that has long been extinct on the island. This venomous lizard is said to be the most venomous and vicious animal in the world. And this venomous lizard has this pattern on its back. Archaeologists have also found this pattern in the remains of civilization on the island, so it is speculated that this pattern is the totem symbol of the Ekaz tribe. "Then how could my father." "Wait a minute, Du Li." Colin pressed her hand and pointed to the bottom paragraphs of the book, saying, "The most wonderful and interesting thing is the following: The rock paintings and hieroglyphs carved on the island show that the tribe has a supreme leader, who seems to have some sorcery or mysterious power.". Even after death, it can be resurrected after a few years with the help of certain rituals-and the leader has an incalculable treasure. The treasure seems to be hidden nearby, but the archaeologists have failed to find it. "It's just an ancient legend. Do you think it means anything, Colin?" Mu Chuan said. Of course, everyone who reads this book will think it's just an ancient legend. Colin said in a mysterious tone, "But when I contacted Du Li's father about the paintings, I didn't think so." "That's what I was going to ask!" Du Li said eagerly, "What you said happened in the South Pacific Islands, and we are in China.". How could my father have anything to do with this? "There are two possibilities." Colin said, "First, your father has read the book in my hand before; but the chances are slim.". Because the book itself is very rare,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, it is because my grandfather is an old archaeologist that there is such a rare foreign book. Besides, your father claims to have seen this pattern in a dream, which is even less like a book. "What about the second possibility?" Du Li asked. sxthsteel.com