Ao Shi Yan Tian

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I've got something even bigger. What is it?. I heard that more than a hundred years ago, Lord Aofang was just a commander under Emperor Qing.

When Aofang said that the artifact could be made in two years, all the negative feelings and emotions disappeared at this moment. Because. At this time, there is no doubt that Aofang has been virtually promoted to a very high and unattainable position. After two years of refining artifacts, he is absolutely qualified to be honored as "the first master of refining artifacts in heaven". Situ Hongrong stared at the golden dagger in the hands of Emperor Qing. Now the dagger is much higher in workmanship and quality than the artifact he refined. His face, which had been slightly pale from shock, became a little excited. His cheeks were also slightly red, and he could be called a master of refining utensils. In fact, the attainments of refining are not low. Only in front of such a master as Aofang, Aofang's alchemy attainments have far exceeded Szeto Hongrong's imagination. After the original suspicion disappeared, Szeto Hongrong, such an alchemy madman, seemed to have found the goal of struggle. Looking at Aofang, Szeto Hongrong did not have a trace of jealousy and hatred,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, but more worship and yearning. From time to time, the whispers in the crowd showed the surprise in the hearts of the people present. Everyone looked like a mortal who saw a cow flying in the sky. It was incredible! For the performance of the people. Ao Fang had expected it. So he just smiled calmly and didn't speak. His goal of becoming an instant hit has been achieved. It can even be said that it has gone beyond his intended scope. "Somebody." "Your Majesty." A banquet will be held in the Qingfeng Hall at once. I want to entertain the immortal Fang. Unconsciously, Qing Di's name for Ao Fang has changed. He knows very well that Ao Fang is definitely the first master of refining utensils in heaven. Such a person is absolutely out of print when he is put in heaven. Certainly will soon be robbed, so, Qing Di dare not take Ao Fang as his subordinates to treat! Yes Use the chop address to ask the site "go" and "put the dagger into the storage ring". Qing Di happily walked out of Ao Fu side by side with Ao Fang. Su Jinyu and Jiang Yanxin were very sensible. Su Zhiman and Jiang Yanrou, who were walking beside Su Jinyu and Jiang Yanxin,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, looked at Ao Fang, who was talking and laughing freely with Qing Di in front of them. In their hearts, they worshipped him to the utmost extent. This makes the crystal foolish good net exclusive basket about, comes after the same wisdom silicon dark carries, the excerpt, the surplus many newest quickest Gu Jie please visit four! Yuliang Ming Dynasty era online games zone out. Old "Day 4 …" This man, once just a captain who was looked down upon by many people, has passed for more than a hundred years. He has become the first refining master in heaven who can go hand in hand with Qing Emperor Bian Tou. It has to be said that this is a miracle! Qing Di's officials all followed Qing Di to the Qingfeng Palace. The high-spirited Szeto Hongrong had already been overshadowed by Ao Fang before Ao Fang came. Although he was still walking behind Su Jinyu and others, no one noticed him at this time. The immortals living on Qingjianxing were gathered on the big title outside Aofu. When Aofang slightly entered the mansion given by Emperor Qing, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, they already knew who lived in it. After Aofang began to refine the artifact, these people were also paying attention to it all the time. Unexpectedly, after two years, Aofang conveniently refined the artifact. The name of Aofang spread through these immortals on the Green Love Star, streets and alleys, taverns and teahouses. Deep in the palace, everyone is discussing. Discussing the robbery of the artifact that just happened, discussing a common name, Ao Fang! Soon, it was like stealing a bell with lightning speed. The name of Ao Fang, the name of the first master of refining utensils in heaven, was passed on by the immortals. Quickly rose to fame in the fairy world, and everyone was talking about the man who came out of nowhere almost overnight. With a chop address, Qu asked the site, "Wow, have you heard?"? Your Majesty Qing Emperor has invited a great master of refining utensils. You mean Master Ao Fang? So you already know, I heard that Master Ao Fang only spent two years to refine the artifact. Yes. It's absolutely true. My father's godmother's son's friend's aunt's daughter-in-law's neighbor is my friend. He was on the Qingjian Star at that time. He said he saw the artifact refined by Master Aofang. At that time, they all passed by Qing Emperor. Moreover, His Majesty Qing Emperor also hosted a special banquet for Lord Aofang because of this. What's the big deal? I've got something even bigger. What is it?. I heard that more than a hundred years ago, Lord Aofang was just a commander under Emperor Qing. Wow, over a hundred years ago? Master Ao Fang is so awesome. Idol "Others refine utensils, I also refine utensils, how can the gap be so big?" It would be nice if Master Fang could help me refine an artifact, which would give me more face. I heard that all the people who want to find Master Aofang to refine utensils are queuing up on the planet near Qingjianxing. There are too many people. Qingdi also sent a large number of troops to protect Master Aofang. Everyone wants to find Master Fang to refine utensils. I dare not think of any artifact. As long as it is refined by Master Aofang, I am willing to do so, but I am afraid that I will not even have this opportunity! With a new address, a Pengtian couplet asked this site, "Why do you say so much?"? "Let's go to Qingjianxing now. Maybe if we are lucky, we can see Master Fang." Right, right, right, go! After Fang helped Qing Di refine the artifact,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, Qing Di invited Fang to an unprecedented grand banquet, and even decided to grant amnesty to the world because of Fang. The influence of Fang alone can already set off waves in the fairy world at this time! It's the last few days of the month. Have flowers brother Qing support, thank you for your support!.