The president's cutie.

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He took a bite of the pie and put it back on the plate and lay down again. She was stunned by the look of boredom, and she didn't realize that she was hurt.

Ture! Ron Tong said hurriedly, "Sister Lihua, in fact, your brother is not so bad. Although he is a little careless occasionally, he is very considerate most of the time.". He will pay attention to the things you don't like after you emphasize them to him several times. He really doesn't like to clean up, but later he will try to return to the original position after reading the documents in the office, and he will not throw away his tie and socks at home. Now he will wash the cup automatically after drinking water and will not throw it to his aunt. He's really-she pauses for breath. It's not as bad as you think. I know. Bai Lihua's lips raised a mysterious smile and looked at Ron's eyes. She was stupefied. So you don't have a bad impression of my brother. Huh? Is she being teased? Why did she suddenly have a feeling that Bai Lihua had denounced her brother just to lead her to defend him? Does she want to test her? With this in mind, Ron's eyelids and cheeks were as red as the sky at dusk in spring. She felt like a fool and completely seen through. Have you ever been in love? Bai Lihua asked suddenly. I hesitated for a moment before she shook her head. No. Neither did Ree-hee. Bai Lihua spits out a sentence in a low voice. If there is a deep meaning, he is a man who dares not love. Ron Tong looked at Bai Lihua in a daze when he heard this, and she also looked at her bright eyes with some strange tenderness, which seemed to be a kind of encouragement-was she encouraging her? Ron Hitomi bit his lip subconsciously. Me too. Me too. I don't know why she naturally reveals her innermost feelings, and I dare not love her. Women are like this. The older they get, the more afraid they are of getting hurt, and the more afraid they are of loving. Bai Lihua said softly that once she made up her mind to love, she would be braver than anyone else. She sighed softly, but men would look ahead and back. Really, really? Ron Hitomi is a little uncertain. Fall down and get up again, but if you are afraid all the time,lamella clarifer, you will never understand the fun of skiing. What he had said on the day of skiing flashed through her mind, and she took a deep breath and suddenly felt a little excited. Once determined to love, can she really be braver than anyone else? You'll find out soon enough. Bai Lihua dropped a very suggestive smile and then changed the subject. Can you make snacks? Unable. Want to learn? She asked me how easy it was to teach you how to make Boston pie. Of course I do! Ron Hitomi blurted out. She had never been very enthusiastic about science, and somehow she suddenly wanted to learn how to make snacks. Glancing at her eager appearance, Bai Lihua did not smile, so that I could teach you after you had cleaned up. Thank you. Ron Tong was overjoyed and rushed to the bathroom to comb and wash, and returned to the kitchen expectantly. Bai Lihua taught her patiently, and she studied hard. After an hour, the kitchen overflowed with sweet fragrance. Ron Hitomi carefully decorated the pie crust with red cherries and white cream as instructed, Lamella Plate Settler ,rapid sand filters, and she didn't cheer when it was done. Ok! She looked nervously at Bai Lihua. Did I do all right? Bai Lihua raised his thumb. Ron Hitomi smiled sweetly. Bai Lihua glanced at the wall hanging Zhong Lixi, this guy still doesn't get up! Would you please go and call him? Eron pupil a stupefied me? His room is just around the corner. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Barry cut up a little piece of Bowden Pie and put it on a dessert plate and take this to make sure he gets up as soon as he smells it. She winked. Oh. Ron Tong came to the door of the middle cover with Boston Pie in his hand and knocked on the door. Li Xi got up. No response. She frowned slightly. Living with Bai Lixi in Beijing for several months, she did not remember that he had the habit of staying in bed, even on weekends, he was often in high spirits early in the morning. Is it not in the room long ago? Ree-hee? She gently pushed the door open and stepped into the room. The room was a mess, with clothes scattered on the floor, a notebook computer on the desk, and a thick stack of documents in front of the printer. She took a glance at the title of the evaluation report on business development in Beijing. Did he work all night to get this report out? Who wants to see it? The chairman? The light of his eyes turned and fell on Bai Lixi, who was lying on the bed in a big shape. He didn't even cover the quilt properly, revealing a large part of his naked back. Her cheek burned. Hey, time to get up. Call in a small voice. He didn't hear. She plucked up her courage and pushed him to get up. It was half past nine. Still no response. She frowned and glanced at the snack in her hand, bending the corners of her mouth and sending the fragrant wave of ten heads directly to his nose. Sure enough, his handsome nose trembled slightly, and the corners of his lips escaped. Finally got a reaction. Angry and amused, she watched him turn around, his eyelashes quivering a few times, and finally he opened his eyes. Boston Pie? He stared in a misty way at what looked like a delicious snack. That's right. Get up and eat your favorite snack, slacker. She said jokingly. He was stunned for a while before his eyes recovered. Pure Brightness you? He straightened his upper body. Are you up already? How's it going? How's it going? I'm fine. She smiled softly. He stared at it. I'm all right. She stressed that the smile was deeper. He still looked at her stupidly for a long time before he pulled the corners of his mouth with relief. Are you hungry? Would you like a taste? He looked at him with bright eyes. Oh, good. He took a bite of the pie and put it back on the plate and lay down again. She was stunned by the look of boredom, and she didn't realize that she was hurt. Is it hard to eat? No. Etta answered. But you only ate one bite and then ate it. She accused it of being your favorite snack, didn't she? It's Eh Then why don't you keep eating? She bit her lip. Didn't I cook well? Eh? Did you do this? He was surprised that you could make snacks? The incredible look is like hearing the Arabian Nights. She was even more hurt. She curled her lips and refused to eat. Turned his head and turned to leave. Hey, wait a minute! He rolled out of bed and grabbed her arm. You won't be angry, will you? Come on, I just- I'm not mad. She cut him off. Anyway, it's strange that you want to eat snacks made by people like me who never cook. Forget it. I'll take them back to the kitchen and eat them myself! Still say you're not angry? He sighed helplessly. Who says I don't eat? As he spoke, the ape stretched out his arm and snatched Polendon, and the man chewed wildly in his mouth. Yeah, it's good. Where is delicious? You don't have to act. She turned around and still pouted,wall penstocks, but her bright eyes stopped smiling. It's really delicious. He said ingratiatingly, suddenly gulping down a mouthful and then coughing and coughing wildly. Hey, are you all right.