Fufeng Song

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Fufeng SongFufeng SongFufeng SongFufeng SongFufeng SongFufeng SongFufeng SongFufeng SongFufeng SongFufeng SongFufeng Song

"Zhu Sheng!"! Zhu Sheng! Lu Yao suddenly shouted. Zhu Sheng is in charge of the work of spies, spies and scouts, which has become more and more important these days. Therefore, his camp was not far from the left side of Lu Yao's handsome tent, so that he could report the military situation or receive instructions at any time. Lu Yao shouted a few times, and Zhu Sheng hurried to his side. It was probably because half of his face was pressed on the sleeve of his shoulder when he was lying in his clothes, and there were deep nail leaf marks on his face. Hearing his footsteps, Lu Yao did not lift his head: "From now on, all the horses under your command will no longer change shifts, and all of them will be scattered out!" Zhu Sheng's men, for battlefield reconnaissance scouts a total of more than two hundred people, more horses, about three hundred. The people are all skilled in riding, smart and capable, and the horses are all good horses that have been selected. According to the needs of operational command and the scope of reconnaissance, the scouts are usually divided into two or three squads and dispatched in turn. If there is no shift change, the number of scouts can increase by two to three times in a short period of time, and the density and scope of patrols will increase. But that alone is not enough. Youzhou army no matter how to attach importance to battlefield reconnaissance, after all, is a guest army, the understanding of the surrounding topography, absolutely not as good as those geographical ghosts of the Central Plains bandits. Want to solve the current confused situation. Sitting back and watching Schleswig pretend to be a ghost is not the way, but also need a plan to force Schleswig to deal with it. It is said in the Art of War,inflatable floating water park, "When you make a plan, you will know the plan of gain and loss; when you make a plan, you will know the principle of movement and stillness." Lu Yao summoned a retinue and said, "Send someone to Baimajin to wait. After Shen Jin leads his troops to cross the river, let him come to see me immediately." In the past five days, the Youji coalition forces collected a large number of boats and ships, and used tens of thousands of Jizhou civilian workers to rush to transport the army day and night. But on the one hand, the river was surging, and the boatmen were working very hard and needed rest. On the other hand,Inflatable bouncer, in the course of use, the loss of equipment for crossing the river was unavoidable, so the speed of the army crossing the river was actually a little slower than expected. Shen Jin, as a general of the Youzhou Army, was busy everywhere in order to arrange the dispatch of ships and organize the crossing of the river. Among them, the discussion with the Jizhou army was particularly complicated, which made him very anxious. Prior to this, there was a rumor in the army that Shen Jin had joined forces with all the brothers in arms, intending to subdue the Jizhou army completely with Li Yun and other Jizhou generals. Rumors may not be true, but they may not be groundless. At least it is certain that Shen Jin's character is too violent to be placed in the rear army to coordinate the generals. This task, first of all, was given by Lu Yao. If you are wrong, you must correct it. The day before yesterday, Lu Yao had adjusted the order of crossing the river, ordered Shen Jin to hand over the related matters to Chen Pei, and led the Liao army to the south ahead of time. There is an important task that he needs to undertake. Not to mention the chaos of the allied forces crossing the river one by one. Up to now, Inflatable water park factory ,inflatable water slide, there are probably more than twenty thousand troops on the south bank of the river, ready to fight at any time. This number is smaller than initially expected, but it is already quite large. More than twenty thousand troops to Lu Yao's team of three thousand from the fighters as the backbone, right Sima Duan Wenyang two thousand Xianbei Tu ride as pawns, and deep and remote state junfu set the border army and the degree of Liao army arrived in advance of a small department of about six thousand people. In addition, there are more than ten thousand people under Li Yun's Jizhou army, the leader of the Lord is Bo Sheng. The scale of Jizhou Army is huge, but its combat effectiveness is far inferior to that of Youzhou Army. This was mainly due to the rapid expansion of the army after Li Yun became the general of Yangwu, and the training and equipment of the foot soldiers failed to keep up for a while. Fortunately, as the core force of Jizhou Qihuojun still maintains a considerable level. After the brutal war with the Xiongnu in Bingzhou, the Qihuo Army could exert their indomitable characteristics in the seesaw battle and protracted war, and their status quo of raising families as soldiers also guaranteed the cohesion of the army. What Bo Sheng led was the elite of the Qihuo Army who had always been stationed in Guangzong. Take the fierce and intrepid Youzhou Army as the spear and halberd, and take the stubborn and daring Jizhou Army as the shield. There is no doubt that this is the most effective configuration, even in the face of ten times the enemy also has the strength of a war. Therefore, Bo Sheng, as an important general in Jizhou, also acted with Lu Yao and was in Wating these days. When Lu Yao finished planning all night and began to dissect the military affairs, Bo Sheng was shaken awake from his sleep in the Zhongjun tent of the begging army. He was about to stare and scold when he found that the man shaking himself, more than thirty years old, with thin eyebrows and long beard, was Zheng Ping, a particularly effective aide recently. "What's all the fuss about, brother Yunli?" Zheng Ping, whose courtesy name was Yunli, was one of the literati who took refuge in succession after General Qihuo seized the military power in Jizhou. Although Zheng Ping was called an aide, he was actually Bo Sheng's important deputy in charge of the army, because the beggar generals were generally illiterate. At the moment, his face was uncertain, and the sparse beard under his jaw trembled, as if he had made a very important discovery. General, there is something strange in the military camp of Youzhou people. "What's the matter?" Seeing Zheng Ping's seriousness, Bo Sheng stopped yawning and sat up hurriedly from the couch. Yesterday, there is a group of people from the east, night into deep and remote state army camp. It is said that after entering the camp, the guards are also tight, and no one can approach. "Coming from the east?" "It's coming from the east!"! It is also said that.. Zheng Ping lowered his voice and said, "After the people from the east entered the camp, the lights in General Pingbei's tent stayed on all night." Bo Sheng suddenly cursed a dirty word. He got up to lift the tent and looked in the direction of the Zhongjun camp, only to see that the sky was getting white, and the towering watchtowers and platforms in the camp, as well as the cavalry patrolling back and forth, were as vivid as silhouettes. Turning around, he sneered resentfully: "I can't believe it." Can't believe it. "The younger generation of Wu Jun has also learned to play tricks." ! mianhuatang.la_630bookChapter 82 can win (1). The rain came and stopped, and for several days in a row, there was no sunshine. strong Marshmallow Fiction Mianhuatang. La The road was getting more and more muddy, and in the wilderness of the roadside, a large area of grass had grown to half a man's height almost overnight, covering the fields and dense bones. It wasn't long before teams of stragglers passed by. More than one or two hundred of them, less than a dozen of them, like a herd chased by hunters, fled frantically,Inflatable indoor park, trampling the road into a continuous muddy pond, trampling down the weeds, and splashing the muddy sewage under the meadow everywhere. joyshineinflatables.com