Summon a thousand troops

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Summon a thousand troopsSummon a thousand troopsSummon a thousand troopsSummon a thousand troops

"This is a simple design of a burning crystal cannon, which is a drawing of how to use magic crystal waste to make a burning crystal cannon. I have printed the detailed process of these things. You can take these things away when you leave. Isaac has decided to disclose the technology of this thing, but you have to make sure that it must be used against human enemies, not human beings themselves." Wang Wei's speech at this time surprised everyone, and what followed was ecstasy. One thousand dragon warriors, such treatment has never been seen in history, the dragon this time such a large-scale assistance to human beings, a change in human understanding of the dragon for a long time. With the dragon's firepower output, the hell rift is not only able to relax, it is very relaxed. And Isaac sent their black warriors. These four-armed giants became famous in the Hugo War. Their airtight defense and powerful attack made them the real Kuroshio on the battlefield. With their participation, human confidence must be even greater. So you've already planned it. Why didn't you say so earlier? Tolkien's eldest son looked at Wang Wei and asked. Despair is the birth of hope. Take it out at the beginning. Isaac is not a sucker. Show your cards. Don't tell me you're really here to watch the fun. Wang Wei said with a smile that the oppressive atmosphere was finally relieved in essence. In fact, every country has prepared something, but because of the oppressive atmosphere, people have a desperate situation, so that people think that even if something is taken out,brushless gear motor, it will not help, but now the situation has changed, they will naturally no longer have reservations. Basically, like Isaac, these countries are sharing some things,Planetary Gear Motor, some of their own magic technology, some of the improvements in weapons, in short, some of the technology that can arm the army on a large scale as soon as possible. A few days after the meeting, the dragon warriors secretly landed in an uninhabited place and then traveled to various countries by means of transportation, trying to prevent these things from affecting the lives of ordinary people. Everyone knows that only a peaceful and stable rear area is the basis for the army to win battles. Any country has tightly blocked the relevant information, and no longer only claims that this is a routine military mobilization, to carry out a certain survey of the cracks in hell. Ordinary people do not care much about these things. However, it is strange that there are still some rumors among the people, and they are decent. Wang Wei is very concerned about these things, in such a tight guard even appeared under such a message, Small Dc Gear Motor ,Low Rpm Electric Motor, in the end who is working against human beings? First of all, it can't be the devil. The devil doesn't want more people to know about it. Phyllis said that the devil is very timid. To put it nicely, they are very cautious. They always like to control everything in their own hands. They are very worried that their plans will be known by more people, human beings dare not publicize this matter, they are also happy to see such a result, after all, there are people hiding in the market, some are even the devil does not want to provoke the object. But who else but the devil would do such a thing? Such a large-scale rumor, rising in several countries almost at the same time, at least not human beings, right? Volume 8 Green Alliance Chapter 45 Rebirth of the Magic Net Updated September 11, 2008 17:07:37 Words in this Chapter: 3528 With the Clan Warriors and Black Samurai in place, the Infernal Crevasse attacks were minimized, and the attacks of the lower Infernal Creatures had little effect and soon stopped. And at this time, Wang Wei suddenly received a notice from Rowell that the Shadow Clan had completely copied the magic net. The news made Wang Wei happy. The magic net is built under the Grey Dragon Basin, using the root system of the world tree Du Ruiya to weave a set of incomparably complex magic net, and the pure mithril trunk is flowing with highly pure liquid magic crystals. When Wang Wei returned to the Grey Dragon Castle, a group of girls were waiting for Wang Wei under the World Tree. Seeing Wang Wei's arrival, Lovell immediately handed over a thing to Wang Wei like a treasure. It was a purple spar. This is Youli's core spar, and her body has entered the general control center of the magic net. That place is full of pure magic crystals. You can't get in. She wants me to give you this. You can contact her through this. Lovell's face was eager to try. Youli? Wang Wei tried to say something to the purple spar, and immediately a miniature version of Youli rose from the spar. Yes, I'm here, master. Although it was a smaller version, the excitement on Youli's face was not fake. How do you feel? Wang Wei doesn't know what kind of place it is, but on the whole it doesn't feel like a comfortable paradise. It's a long-lost feeling that I seem to have returned to the old days. Youli's voice sounded a little trembling. So, can you start this? "Yes.". That's all right Youli said. Starting the magic net, this is a simple and complex process, from the prototype of the magic net to the present completion of the whole, the public relations team of Huilongbao has been sleepless day and night, the writing board feels that their memories have never been so deeply excavated, and even some of the subtle knowledge that they do not care about most have now been recalled. It is only to perfect some insignificant details. And now, with Youli's control. The magic web has been activated. The liquid crystal flows slowly along a specific route, and the elements in the air begin to enter the deep underground magic net at a very slow speed. Wang Wei can feel this process, although the relative speed is slow,Brushless Gear Motor, but the absolute speed is extremely fast. Just like running water in a pipe, the speed of water in a pipe with a diameter of one centimeter is one meter per second, which is not as fast as half a meter per second in a pipe with a diameter of one meter.