Broken Rainbow Golden Hook

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Broken Rainbow Golden HookBroken Rainbow Golden HookBroken Rainbow Golden HookBroken Rainbow Golden Hook

The old monster burst out laughing and said, "The girl is not sensible!"! Yue boy wants to die, how to blame the old man? This puppy has no conscience, even you two, he would rather die than you! As long as you can make this puppy surrender to the old man, how can the old man kill people? Not only accept him as a disciple, even you two can worship under the door of the princess, as long as the boy is obedient, the old man can also complete your good deeds! Otherwise, hum. The two women knew they were desperate. Of course, the two of them knew Yue Wenxiang's personality, and they would never yield to the old monster. Seeing their beloved lover die tragically, they were heartbroken and cried to the ground. Listen to Shen Yifei to drink greatly suddenly: "Two smelly wenches, cry why mourn?"? Yue, the dog is not dead yet! Why are you crying? The dog is dead! Second Master accepts you, and promises to be a hundred times better than this puppy! Enjoy without stealing, extremely happy, beaming with joy. Said, people have left their seats, approaching the two women, as if to reach out to grab the two women out of the hall! The old monster laughed and said, "The second brother is right, too!"! Two girls, be obedient! The advantage is that the old man told Shen Laoer to treat you well and not to bully you. As soon as Shen Yifei pulled the two girls up with one hand, he was already spat by the two girls, and he wanted to bite his hand. He was so angry that Shen Yifei threw his buttocks and fell to the ground. Shen Yifei cursed: "Stinky goods!"! Wait for the Second Master to make you feel better. I'll take care of the puppy for you. Said, the four big fellow open, grabbed a big fellow in the hands of the silver needle, a grasp of Yue Wenxiang that son, will be. With two cries of grief, the two girls rolled over desperately! Suddenly, the "Hundred Flowers Princess" laughed delicately and said, "Master Shen! You are so cruel. You don't take pity on women at all. The slave family doesn't like them! Didn't your master ask two girls to persuade this boy? How can you use force before you open your mouth? Are you jealous of that boy to be your junior fellow apprentice? Or is there no master in your eyes? Sound did not stop, red-faced old monster has pounded the table loudly drink Shen Yifei, Shen Yifei dejected hand! I don't think he meant to? Inadvertently? Although the hand swings back, Yue Wenxiang's words have broken the skin and become the benchmark of blood flow. Princess Hundred Flowers' winking eyes seemed to be able to squeeze out water,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, glancing at Yue Wenxiang's bloody things, biting her silver teeth slightly, and the flowers had strange colors and shapes. "Two girls," shouted the old monster, "did you hear that? The princess interceded for you! Why don't you say it? It's really not obedient. It's not too late for you to cry when the old man cuts the dog with one hand. With these words, Huo got up. As soon as Nangong girl's bright eyes turned, she bent over Yue Wenxiang's side, attached to Yue Wenxiang's left ear, that is, a thick whisper, but very much like a loving couple, and pillow attached to the ear, greasy words of love. Unfortunately, the atmosphere is different, the taste is different, and life and death depend on the moment. Originally, Nangong girl is a girl in the end, lack of heroic spirit and courage, although she knows evil and good, PET bottle Mold ,Edible oil filling machine, knows good and evil, is usually a woman pink, not inferior to men, has heroic courage, but when it comes to death.. And when they are their loved ones, they will love each other, revealing the weakness of girls and nature. Narrow-minded, selfish, stingy, afraid of death, willing to endure humiliation and seek perfection, even willing to sacrifice themselves, willing to be wronged, in exchange for the favor of loved ones. Because women regard love as life, above everything else. Including justice, conscience.. She loves Yue Wenxiang deeply, and when Yue Wenxiang breathes between life and death, and the turning point lies in the relationship with her, the children's love affair covers up justice and justice! Even Ge Yaogu is the same-but she is still naive and childish, the world is not as mature as Nangong Cui'e, and her temperament is stronger. At this time, if she can save Yue Wenxiang's life, she can also sacrifice-even sacrifice her life for Yue Wenxiang. Miss Nangong whispered in Yue Wenxiang's ear, saying that she wanted Yue Wenxiang to be wronged for a while. A real man can bend and stretch, and a soldier is not tired of cheating. She might as well promise the red-faced old monster first and make a delaying tactic. For one thing, she would wait for his reinforcements to come to help. For another, she could keep a useful body and wait for an opportunity to get away. Then she would take revenge and wipe out the humiliation. It would not be too late to wipe out the humiliation. As the saying goes, the only way to die is through the ages! Clever as Nangong girl, also when faced with the death of her beloved, want to live regardless of everything, endure humiliation down, this can not blame her, who called her a girl? However, she did not know that the value and meaning of life lies in sacrificing one's life for justice and becoming a martyr. At this critical moment of life and death, it is the time to look at a person's moral integrity. In one thought, it can remain fragrant for thousands of years, and it can also live in infamy for thousands of years. I would like to ask, in the identity of Yue Wenxiang, he is a disciple of "Shenzhou Shuangqi", who is respected by all the people in Wulin. He is also a leader of the same generation in Wulin. He stands out and shows his talents. He has won the title of "Shenzhou Chasing Soul". That is to say, Yue Wenxiang has made a name for himself, that is to say, he has become famous. It is the most critical moment for Wulin Dao to enter Jianghu and make a name for himself. With his weight in the eyes of the Central Plains Wulin, it is not too much for him to be concerned about the safety of the Central Plains Wulin. If he loses to the red-faced old monster, then no matter what happens in the future? It is hard to escape the stigma of being afraid of death in this life and losing moral integrity. Even if you jump into the Yellow River, you will not be able to wash it away. That is to say, it humiliates the prestige of "Shenzhou Shuangqi". That is to say, he destroyed his own reputation. That is to say, it tarnishes the innocence of chivalry. Or born for fame? Yang died in the name? It's all a choice in a moment! Where there is life, there must be death. Death is heavier than Mount Tai, and it is as light as a feather. If Yue Wenxiang lives in disgrace and promises to live under the door of the red-faced old monster, it will be difficult to wash away the stigma even if he is alive! On the contrary, if you die unyieldingly, you will be praised by Wulin. Chapter 28 Heavy Friends Fly to Help Poisonous Butterflies Hurt People Crazy Bees Coming to Gaoshi in Danger, Yama Suffers Evil and the Divine Bird Drops Down to the Sky Although Nangong girl is so euphemistic, her heart is also sad and ashamed! However, she did not want Yue Wenxiang to die tragically. She thought that a good death was better than a bad life. She was so nervous that her body trembled, and her tears were full of tension,PET blow moulding machine, fear, and anger. Everyone's eyes were focused on Yue Wenxiang's pale face, waiting for him to open his mouth? It is also tantamount to his own sentence of life and death.