The red flag does not fall, the colored flag flutters

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The red flag does not fall, the colored flag fluttersThe red flag does not fall, the colored flag flutters

When he rubbed his eyes, his eyes suddenly opened. Are you going to buy porridge? He asked me softly. Fuck Wipe his nose and mouth, and then answer him: "Hey, you vomit overnight, stomach will be uncomfortable, eat porridge, will be much more comfortable!" " I helped him use a small bowl to cool the porridge bit by bit, put it in his mouth to blow, and when it was warm and cool, I fed him spoonful by spoonful. He ate it Very slowly, frowning while eating. After a long time, he suddenly asked me, "When Ning Mo was drunk, did you serve him like this?" It happened that the bowl of white porridge had seen the bottom. I threw the spoon back into the bowl and got up to wash the bowl. The bowl was borrowed from the old lady in the next bed. I had to wash it well. Give it to others in detail. Hey, red flag, if you are really so considerate, I should like you! Cai Qi lay in bed and sighed with emotion. I turned around, He bared his teeth and thanked him. "Don't,Beverage packing machine, Father Cai, you are my elder!" The old woman in the next bed immediately looked at Cai Qi with epiphany and quietly gossiped with me in what she thought was a very low voice: "Daughter, is he your stepfather?" Puff, Comrade Cai Qi and I sprayed at the same time! The author has something to say: I went to drink yesterday, SORRY, so I forgot to come up to update,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, forgive me, ha ha ha.. Grab Head PART 21 Cai Qi I stayed there for two days and one night. One day, I was lying in bed. It was obviously a simple alcohol allergy. He collapsed as if he was paralyzed. I ate three meals with my hands, and the old lady in the next bed supported us a hundred times with sympathetic eyes. When she came out of the hospital, she Couldn't help it any longer. He called me aside and encouraged me with a high-spirited tone: "Do you see Meng Fei reading the newspaper?" “……” Of course I watch it. It's the fist program of this city. I can't imagine that there is Comrade Meng Fei's iron in Y city. Have you seen one of the programs? The old lady was so serious that she grabbed my arm and shook it. Meng Fei's bald Comrade read a lot of things, not to mention, there are four people in our dormitory, three of them are convinced by his bald head, and the remaining one is convinced by him. On a chilly crooked smile. The one who is left is me. My hobby is always bright and bright! "I tell you, son, that program has a profound meaning for you and your stepfather!" The old lady's eyes immediately deepened through the door of the hospital. Staring for a long time at the old man with a broken leg in the opposite room. She gazed at it for a moment, then turned to repeat it. "I still remember the title of the story very clearly!" " "What?" I grabbed her head and asked her, I wish she could finish it right away. Because I saw Comrade Cai Qi leaning over with a smile. What a title! He asked more actively than I did, water bottling line ,liquid bottle filling machine, putting all his luggage at my feet, "Red Flag, after listening to the story, start early." "The title is, father and son rival in love." The content is that father and son rob the same woman. As soon as she reminded me, I immediately remembered that it was a very sensational news. Father and son comrades were sitting in the studio, and the father was holding his daughter-in-law's hand. The indignation on his son's face. Good news of humanistic temperament! Cai Qi's mouth twitched, probably recalling the powerful news, turned his face, turned around, shook his arms and smiled. The old lady looked at his expression and suddenly lost interest. She pulled the corners of her mouth and warned me: "Girl, this child is not honest. You have to think more." She was filled with righteous indignation and scolded Huai: "We Chinese women are scarce, don't stand in the manger!" “……” Cai Qi's shoulder suddenly froze. I laughed so hard that I almost fainted. What is this? It's called the turn of the tables. He just scolded me not long ago. Ning Mo, someone will scold him like this. Cai Qi glared at me mercilessly, picked up all the luggage on the ground and piled it in my arms. He pulled my arm. He went out of the door. As soon as I walked down the hospital, my cell phone rang. Cai Qi frowned and stared at me. "Would you like to pick it up for you?" I nodded, Point your pocket at him. Hello? Who is it, please? Cai Qi asked very politely, motioning me forward as he asked. I was suddenly depressed. It's not like that. He can do it. Take the luggage in my hand. ……” He picked up the phone, shook it, and closed it awkwardly. Red Flag, I have to tell you that General Manager Ning Xiao is angry! He shyly showed me his cell phone number, which was Ning Mo's number. I glanced at it very calmly, glanced at it again, and said, "What right does he have to get angry?" Cai Qi looked at me with very strange eyes and suddenly smiled inscrutably: "Red Flag, playing hard to get, in fact, it can't be used many times, Ning Xiaozong." Here, you can dial a phone to go back to explain now, I still can help you make a card! What kind of certificate do you make? Explain a hair. I suddenly feel that what Cai Qi said is just like bullshit, just like what he said before, Ning Mo would feel. But Cai Qi is not good to me. That's because he is used to bullying me. He always feels that I am his own side dish. Once others instruct me to do something, he will Will habitually get angry. It's like a dog peeing. Cai Qi, this child, ran into someone else's urine circle. Are you sure you won't dial back? Cai Qi leaned over to look at me with a cheeky smile: "I said red." Flag, he is a little tortoise. Whether he is a tortoise or not has never been my consideration, and I just liked him before. I asked him impatiently, angry: "I like the big tortoise,juice filling machine, when you introduce the big childe of Tianyue Group to me, I believe I will be more skilled luck." By playing hard to get. Cai Qi's face turned green at once. Red flag, don't count on it. There are some people in the world that you can't climb all your life. 。