Cloud maniacCloud maniac

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Cloud maniacCloud maniacCloud maniacCloud maniacCloud maniac

The young man in white thought he was going to die, but he didn't expect that two people would suddenly fall from the sky. He couldn't help staring at the shadow of a girl in white in his blurred eyes, so beautiful and refined as a fairy. The young man only felt a sour nose and a weak low voice stuck in his throat. He only deeply remembered the beautiful figure and fainted. How does this place cook? Seeing no one around, the eyes of the night left the sky moved to a large pile of wine jars. The place of the old temptress, must not leave future trouble, a fire, burn it, cloud crazy knowing smile, two people immediately start to fight, not long, smoke filled the whole Guanhuaju sky. Before he left, Yunkuang did not rescue the young man in white. He left him on the shoal to fend for himself. His injuries were quite serious. Whether he could survive or not depended on himself. Although the cloud crazy does not want to see him die, but he is also to kill her after all, she is not a living Bodhisattva, did not kill the family on its conscience. At this time, with another group of people chasing the cloud crazy south crane elder received the news of Qin Youzhi carrier pigeon, unfolded a look, immediately angry nose almost crooked in the past. What Gu Yue Yun Gu Yue Tuo, Gu Yue Yan! That is clearly Liu Yunkuang! Qin Youzhi, you don't know that Liu Yunkuang is a woman, but also destroyed the place of adults'painstaking efforts, you really want to be angry to death, angrily threw the letter paper into a ball, the elder of Nanhe walked a few steps angrily,ultrasonic cutting machine, but found that he was helpless. Damn Liu Yunkuang, how could he go with that night away from the sky? If it goes on like this, not to mention that the task of adults can not be completed, it will also have a great impact on our great cause of unification, no! We have to find a way. The elder of the South Crane pondered for a long time, took out a piece of yellow silk from his bosom, tied it to the pigeon's feet, and released it again towards the northern sky. "Elder," asked the other man who was working with you doubtfully. The encirclement net of the Qin family is still there,ultrasonic cutting machine, those useless bastards are dead, the old man will go to meet her in person this time! Elder Nanhe's face flashed a sinister color. But Zuo Zun is beside her. How can we do it? The man exclaimed. Zuo Zun? Hum, he won't be here soon! Elder Nanhe sneered faintly. The world goes smoothly heroic blood chapter 86 left door has changed Continuing to walk along the river for about half a month, Yunkuang and Yelitian set foot on the inner ring of Tianfeng Mountain again. From then on, there was an inaccessible place. There were all kinds of poisonous insects and beasts in the forest, and even some man-eating flowers and plants that could not be named, which was quite terrible. Yunkuang secretly feels that this is like the primeval forest of the Amazon. Except for the top masters like Ye Litian and Yunkuang, who are not afraid of poisonous insects and poisons, almost all the other Wulin people travel together. The two of them were very happy when they visited the mountains and rivers all the way. When they were hungry, they picked some wild fruits and played two game. When they were thirsty, they drank mountain springs. Sometimes Yunkuang stole two mouthfuls of good wine from the wine gourd that left the sky at night. They lived a better life than immortals. In the evening of that day, Yunkuang and Yelitian slaughtered a roe deer. They found a place at random and raised a bonfire. After roasting the meat, the fragrance overflowed everywhere. Yunkuang's two black eyes greedily stared at the legs of the roe deer. The lovely expression made Yelitian feel as if he had been scratched by a feather. He loved her so much that he couldn't help laughing. You are indispensable, and when it is finished, you can have as much as you want. Touching Yunkuang's little head pillowed on his lap, the stunning man laughed, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, his handsome face flushed by the bonfire, and a thick branch in his hand kept rolling. Brother, you really know everything. Compared with you, I am good for nothing. The cloud pouted wildly, playing with the long, supple hair scattered at random from the sky at night. Suddenly he grinned and said, "However, if you can, I can. Anyway, you're with me now. It's so pleasant to have a nanny with you!" The cloud is crazy to say at the same time, at the same time the eyeball rolls to begin to make him itch, exchange a helpless stare of the man: "Naughty, this little girl unexpectedly treats him as a nanny?"? Don't think about it, there is such a handsome nanny as him! But eldest brother, we walked so far, I just didn't find what you would be afraid of, can you say that you don't care about anything? The cloud was crazy for a long time, but when he saw that the man had no response, he couldn't help feeling bored. He curled his lips and said, "You are so strong in martial arts, and you are so free and easy. It seems that nothing in the world is difficult for you. Don't you have anything to be afraid of?" "Who says no?" If there is no such important thing in life, it is not interesting to live. The night left the sky to free a hand, pinched her white and tender little nose, and said with a smile, "Aren't you the girl?"? I'm worried that you'll go wrong on the way. Otherwise, what do you think I'm doing to accompany you to Jiuxian Valley? ” Squinting his eyes happily, Yun turned over wildly, holding his chin and blinking his eyes and said with a smile, "Actually, I also care about my eldest brother very much. In the future, if anyone wants to harm my eldest brother, I will be the first to refuse." Night from the sky angular lips, immediately grinned, with her words, feeling more powerful than eating a head of roe deer. Touching her white and tender face, Ye Li Tian said with a smile, "Sister, don't think so much. I haven't seen a master of bamboo in the world yet. You little guy is a dilettante. Brother, I am the best master in the world. I have been in Jianghu for decades. How can I be easily harmed?" Since the day of the burning of Guanhuaju, Yunkuang has told the night from the sky all the things before and after. In addition to his soul crossing, he has also made up a master who has been dead for several years. The night left the sky to listen to greatly surprised, with relish, the cloud crazy state also has this dumbfounding, unfortunately, the cloud crazy has not yet stepped into the white bamboo, once stepped into the white bamboo, she will more or less have some of the spirit of heaven and earth induction, may be able to hold that state for a while, at that time, cloud crazy may be stronger than him in a period of time. Night from the day also had to sigh, this little girl, the whole little demon, he lived so long,ultrasonic spray nozzle, never heard of a more demon than her. Brother, people in Jianghu are dangerous. You don't have to use force to harm people. Cloud crazy said with a straight face. Sister, does Big Brother look really stupid? The night leaves the day depressed way.