Warlord's husband is addicted to cheating

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Warlord's husband is addicted to cheatingWarlord's husband is addicted to cheating

How can I let you go? Haner, you are my wife, my wife is only you, to hug you can only hug you. Mu Chenyi clasped her tightly in his arms and kissed her cheek. "Let's sleep, huh?" He was so smelly that it would be strange if she could sleep. You stink. Go change your clothes and take a shower. Sihan said in a cold voice. It seems to be true. He pulled his sleeve and smelled it. He didn't take a bath today and drank a lot of wine. You wait for me for a while. He rang a bell and asked someone to prepare hot water. After a while, the hot water was ready. You wash with me. Mu Chenyi said, and he was about to pick her up horizontally. I don't need to wash it. I already did. Sihan's hands were tied tightly by him, and he kicked him with his feet, but he grasped her jade feet. Mu Chenyi shamelessly held her jade feet between her nose and smelled them. "No wonder you think I stink," she said with a smile. "So your jade feet are all fragrant. They're so cute." Dirty! Sihan's face was flushed with anger. Mu Chenyi still picked her up, let her kick the pace still motionless, easily carried her out. Mu Chenyi, if you still have a little sense of shame, you should let me go, we have come to this point now, how can you still do this to me. Sihan said angrily. Don't I have no sense of shame? Han'er. Said Mu Chenyi, throwing her into the tub. Ah The hot water was steaming, so Sihan was thrown in by him, and a mouthful of hot water poured in, and she almost choked. Her hands were still tied, she had no center of gravity for a while, and she was about to be thrown in. Mu Chenyi also jumped in and held her in his arms and patted her on the back: "It's all right, I'm here!" "You bastard." Sihan wanted to leave his arms immediately, but he clasped her tightly,ultrasonic dispersion machine, she was not powerless at all. Mu Chenyi eyes dark, only that little bit of light, but tightly locked her. He lifted her waist with one hand, pinched her chin, and kissed her heavily. Sihan where willing to follow, a bite down, this time Mu Chenyi unexpectedly also let him bite. He bit his lips, but he still clung to her lips, clinging to them,ultrasonic spray nozzle, pushing them, and kissing them was not enough. She tasted the thick taste of blood, the red liquid even overflowed from their lips, he still refused to leave her lips, but kissed deeper. The clothes on both of them were soaked through and stuck tightly to their bodies. The bathroom was steaming, and their faces were stained with a touch of crimson. Sihan had no strength to bite, his kiss was so deadly, without any skill, as if exhausted all the strength in the kiss, she was powerless, had to let him kiss. Haner, I really like this feeling. Mu Chenyi kissed her earlobe, "We are together, every time is such a life-and-death struggle, flesh and blood.". I believe that even if one day you leave me, there will never be a man like me to give you such a feeling. There are traces of me in your blood, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic molten metal, and you can't get rid of them even if you die. Sihan listened to this, suddenly great grief, tears welled up. This man is too terrible, he is a devil, he encroached step by step, in her soul a brand. She may spend her whole life washing away this brand. My Haner. Seeing her cry, he was distressed and kissed her gently this time. His kiss is gentle and delicate. He stripped off her clothes one by one and kissed her carefully, not letting go of every part of her body. Finally, when she was fully prepared, she was deeply occupied. After that, he did not move for a long time. She sat on his lap. Their limbs were intertwined and their bodies were closely connected. This feeling is very good, very intimate, as if there is nothing happening outside, they are just the most ordinary couple, just need to love each other. He had untied her wrist, and Sihan was powerless on his shoulder. He is firmly embedded in her body, so hot existence, she has been unable to entangle with him. The whole bath room seemed to be getting hotter and hotter, and they were sweating and breathing heavily. He let go of her slightly, gazed at her with his eyes deep in the bathroom, then kissed her deeply, and then began to move. He drilled into her body again and again, Sihan was breathless by his top, and later had completely lost the ability to think, can only let him do. When he came out of the bathroom, he had no strength at all, even his hair was wet. Mu Chenyi casually found a dress to put on and carried her back. He dressed her and put her on the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed and wiped her hair. Is that interesting? Sihan also let him do it, lying on the bed with his eyes open. What Mu Chenyi's movements are very gentle, her hair is so soft, the feeling of sliding across the palm is so beautiful, he is angry that his strength is heavy, she broke one. Do you think that if you keep me trapped like this, you don't have to care about my feelings at all, just want you to be happy for a while? Sihan turned his head sideways, looked back at him, and said in a cold tone. I can promise you that I won't even touch a finger of the Yan sisters. Mu Chenyi bent down and whispered in her ear, "I will spoil you and protect you, only you will give birth to my child." Sihan listened only to feel very funny: "Do you think I will care about these?"? Not to mention, what you said has no credit in front of me. Chapter 239 what is the truth? "But I won't let you go, Haner." Mu Chenyi is not angry she said so, but more attentively to wipe her hair, "you can only stay in my side, the land of China in addition to my side, there will be no place for you." Sihan looked at the man, showing a contemptuous smile: "Even so, you forced me to stay in your side, but also to get my body.". Mu Chenyi, my heart is no longer here. "You still love me, Haner." Mu Chenyi saw that her hair was almost dry, so he threw the towel over there and lay beside her, "Your heart is still here, you are concerned about wood, you still love me." Sihan closed her eyes,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, she did not want to talk to him, to talk to this man, is simply casting pearls before swine. fycgsonic.com