Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear

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Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick WearFancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear

If you are not a robber, who else can be so rude and take by force? Jiu Muye smiled. "The young lady is just worried that someone has come to the castle to make trouble in the name of a robber." The housekeeper looked grave and uncertain. "Well …" he said. The old slave is not very clear. The situation was a bit chaotic, and we were all busy defending against foreign enemies. As for their purpose, there was no time to think about it. "Okay, I know." Xu Ruyi nodded, "you go down to rest first, arrange some people to visit the injured, and then send some pensions down." "I thank the young lady for them." As soon as the housekeeper left, Xu Ruyi stood up, and just as she was about to say something, she saw his hand stretched out. Is Miss Ruyi hungry? Would you like something to eat? As he spoke, Jiu Muye picked her up directly and walked upstairs. When she reached the door of her bedroom, she opened it with one hand and carried her to the bedside. Miss Ruyi, please rest for a while. If you don't want anything in particular,Pietra Gray Marble, I'll make my own decision. Jiu Muye knelt on one knee and grabbed one of her hands and said. Chapter 6219 Noble Daughter vs Underbelly Black Deacon. Xu Ruyi nodded and said carelessly, "Whatever you want, you pick a few simple things to do, and don't make it too complicated.." I'm really a little tired now. Take a rest first and call me when dinner is served. "All right, I see." Jiu Muye answered. She half leaned against the head of the bed and took a cushion to support her back. For Xu Ruyi, the most leisurely pastime,Stone Honeycomb Panel, besides reading, is to play a small game that does not require any brain. Jiu Muye went out backwards, and the moment he closed the door, his warm eyes cooled down. That maid is really restless. Was it a wrong decision to bring her back? Jiu Muye reflected on himself. But the important thing now is to cook something for Miss Ruyi. When he came back to her bedroom to call her, Xu Ruyi was playing cards on the bed. It was not until Jiu Muye came to her that he suddenly looked up and said, "Mr. Jiu Muye, is lunch ready?" He bent his head and folded a messy bed of cards one by one. "Well, I'm sorry to keep you waiting." "No, it's fun to play cards alone." Xu Ruyi shook his head with a smile. "Yes, the housekeeper said the maid who was taken away." "Miss Ruyi, Silver Travertine Slabs ,Calacatta Nano Glass, don't worry, I'll arrange it properly." Jiu Muye packed up the cards and reached out to pull her up. Put on her shoes and take her downstairs. Xu Ruyi only felt his body soar into the air, and in a twinkling of an eye he was already in his arms. In her panic, she waved her little hands for a while and finally put her arms around his neck. She heard a light laugh from the man, and she looked relaxed and happy. Mr. Jiumuye, can you tell me before you hug me next time? Xu Ruyi had a little complaint and said with a beep. If this is the master's order, I will carry it out. Jiu Muye laughed briskly. "It's a pity that the countess didn't give such instructions." “……” She understood that this was a constant reminder to herself to seize the opportunity to sign a contract with him. Once it is concluded, it can never be reversed. How's it going Jiu Muye's pace is very steady. He walked slowly with a carefree manner. Xu Ruyi buried his head in his chest and said in a dull voice, "Are you sure you want to betray my mother?"? It turned out that Mr. Jiumuye was such a dishonest villain. Hello Her body sank, but he had gone downstairs and came to the table. Without warning, he put her directly on the chair. Nothing will happen, but it will give her a little surprise. Mr. Jiumuye, even as a running dog of the Countess, you are not very competent! Xu Ruyi sat there and pretended to be angry. Jiu Muye stood upright with a gentle expression. "Oh?"? If Miss Ruyi is not satisfied, you can complain to your mother. See if she believes in you or in me, a little man who doesn't keep his word. In a meaningful tone, she decided that she could not complain, and that the countess would not believe it. It is estimated that her mother thought that her daughter was a little naughty and did not obey his strict instructions! If you fail to lodge a complaint at that time, you may be scolded in earnest. Xu Ruyi looked up at him. Jiu Muye kept a shallow smile and watched her beautiful little mouth move. She seemed to be muttering and wanted to know that she was speaking ill of herself. Chapter 6220 Noble Daughter vs Underbelly Black Deacon. "Pap." Jiu Muye did not care, but clapped his hands with a light smile. Soon, someone pushed the dining car. The silver lid on the top is very textured, and the thick metal is spotless. A pair of white gloved hands were placed on the handle, and Jiu Muye gently lifted it open. The fragrance drifted in, and she couldn't help swallowing the saliva when she was already past lunch time and a little hungry. The food cooked by this man is always exquisite and delicious. From material selection, to processing, to finished products. Every process is never sloppy, and all of them are taken seriously. Even if Jiumuye is not so strong and perfect, it must be happy to marry him. Xu Ruyi could not help sighing quietly in the bottom of his heart. She wasn't really angry with him. But I do not know when to start, two people's daily bickering has become a common occurrence. For both of them, they did not take it to heart, but became the seasoning of boring life. Miss Ruyi, please have dinner. Jiu Muye opened his mouth and put the dishes on the top one by one. Xu Ruyi looked at the delicate dishes and reached out for him to wipe himself clean. The man in front of her held her small hand and carefully wiped every finger of her clean. After that, Jiu Muye handed over the tableware: "Miss Ruyi,pietra gray marble, please have dinner." While she ate, he stood erect and waited. Mr. Jiumuye, have you eaten yet? Xu Ruyi suddenly asked before putting the food into his mouth.