Live in the second female game

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Live in the second female gameLive in the second female gameLive in the second female game

Tish was pulled forward, the wind caressed around her, and in the blink of an eye she appeared in the air. Her hair was flying in the air. He Jian stretched out one hand, and her hair went around his hand. The stone statues and altars on the ground gradually become small in sight. That's it, walk like me. He Jian pulled Tishi up. His feet were in the void, and black particles were falling around him. The man in front of him took one of Tish's hands, and they exchanged steps in the air like an opening dance. The surrounding scenery is constantly changing, and suddenly the vision is clear. They came to the top of the forest and saw the lush trees like paintings, the endless mountains, and the road winding down the mountains in the distance. Tish's eyes widened as she watched all this. Does it look good? I used to do that when I was a kid. I didn't expect the scenery to be like that for so long. He Jian looked at Tishi's side face and said with a smile. As long as you stay, it's all yours. He Jian approached Tishi, hugged her waist from behind, and rested his head on her shoulder. That's what he did in the cave before. You will have everything you want. The voice sounded in my ears, and it looked like a whisper of love in the world. Being hugged like this, Tish's body suddenly tightened. She was not used to being so close. You said you'd get me out of here. Tish's tone was light, and his head turned slightly away from each other's breath. I promised. He Jian was a little closer to Tishi, and his arm was a little stronger,face detection android, as if he was going to rub people into his arms. But it doesn't say time, that is to say, it doesn't matter in a few years. This person suddenly appeared in front of him, easily giving people warmth, but also want to leave easily. It's not that easy. Over the past few years, He Jian has lived like a fool without a mind. But after a few years of experience,temperature screening kiosk, he understood that what he wanted had to be caught and protected by himself, otherwise it would be gone if he was not careful. The man was so weak that his whole body was so soft that he seemed to get hurt if he exerted himself. It's too dangerous outside. The people outside are treacherous and cunning. This little man is stubborn and likes to run around. He's sure to get hurt. He's strong. As long as he keeps people, he can protect them thoroughly. You are the only one who smiles at each other for so many years, and the cooking is delicious. It's a pity not to keep it. Tish looked serious when she heard this. She couldn't accept what the other side said. Perhaps because before the time in the villa, he Jian left a deep impression. It may also be that in so many days in the mountains and forests, He Jian's clumsy concern was so warm that she could not raise her guard, even if she was caught in the air now, she could not raise her vigilance. Can just see those all remind Tishi, this person is not the same, this person is not his own understanding of He Jian, this man is very dangerous. Not knowing what to say, Tish simply chose silence. The person in the bosom did not respond for a long time, interactive kiosk price ,thermal imaging camera, he Jian looked at the person. Angry? Don't be angry. It's easy to be ugly. It was obviously not a wise choice to fight hard now. Tishi shook her head. The wind was a little cold, which made her shiver subconsciously. When she came to her senses, she saw that he Jian had taken a step back and was wearing a few clothes. What are you doing As he bent down to take off his pants, Tish grabbed his arm and stopped him from moving. Aren't you cold? For you to wear. He Jian felt very strange. Disuse Just take me down. 。” Glancing at He Jian's upper body, Tishi looked away. Put on your clothes first. He Jian glanced at his coat and felt it was a pity. He was also curious about why Tish's clothes were different from his own. If you give your clothes to others, you can take her clothes and have a look. However, since he was rejected, he Jian did not continue. Anyway, it's good to leave people behind, and the rest as long as people are happy. Ready, we're going down. He Jian hugged Tishi, and the feeling of suspension disappeared directly, and they fell from the sky. Falling to the ground, He Jian took Tishi to the village. At this time, the village has taken on a new look, which is very different from when Tishi left. All the original houses were removed, and a super-large two-storey house appeared in the middle. He Jian came to the front of the house and pulled Tishi in. Took Tish for a walk around the house. How's it going Tish looked around and gave an objective assessment. Not bad. ” "This is what my family used to look like, almost like this." He Jian touched his chin, thought for a moment, and then said. I think there should be a stove here. With these words, a black shadow appeared from the darkness, pulled out a fireplace from outside the window, and installed it in the wall. That's all right. Looking around here, he Jian nodded with satisfaction. You can just find a place to live and tell me what you want. With that, he Jian held Tishi in his arms again, and he seemed to be a little fascinated by this feeling. Cooker, I'm hungry. "Do it yourself." "Your cooking is delicious." Tishi looked up at He Jian, looked at each other's eyes, and saw his expectant eyes, Tishi turned his eyes away. Let go of me. "Don't." "Let go of me to cook." The other side of the force value is much higher than their own, Tishi try to choose to convince people by reasoning. Between eating and letting go of the people in front of him, He Jian struggled and then made a decision. Forget it. I'll cook for you. He Jian decides things quickly and changes his decision quickly. So Tish watched a dark shadow float in and bring in two fish. The black flames roasted in the air, and soon the fish was cooked. Tishi looked at the fish floating in front of him, the fish around a black circle has been unable to see the original, and with a dead fish eye dress. Did you put the seasoning? "I don't think so.". I said I forgot something. He Jian snapped his fingers, and the shadow reappeared and poured the fruit on it. ......” "You eat first, I'm not hungry." Tish handed him the fish. There are two, one for each person. He Jian pointed to the other one. See the person did not move, he Jian also did not care,information kiosk price, to the fish took a bite, and then so eat up, very fragrant appearance.