Three abandoned childe

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Three abandoned childeThree abandoned childeThree abandoned childeThree abandoned childe

Like his last life, he also loved to eat this sweet and greasy thing, the osmanthus cake chewed by Rouge, did not understand why he liked to eat such sweet and greasy things, she felt that this thing was too sweet, a little bitter. This is the middle of the night, Rouge did not speak again around it seems more and more quiet, so relatively some really uncomfortable, Rouge was about to get up to go, Xie Qing side suddenly said: "into the bridal chamber." Between his words, there was doubt but there was certainty. Rouge see his quiet appearance, some can not figure out his thoughts, want to be very sad, right? Rouge thought of this can not help but feel a little distressed, she was afraid that after all, he was still like what was written in the thin life, trying to make scheming to destroy Xie Mingsheng's marriage, but also afraid that his end was as hopeless as the thin life, a good family son was broken by his grandfather, abandoned by the aristocratic family. In fact, according to life thin said,65 inch touch screen, Xie Qing side may not like Ding Louyan, he is actually the person who loves himself most. But the tea chapter temple that day, is only the first time saw a fairy jade beauty and gave birth to a good impression, this kind of floating on the surface of the love later became a desirable own sister-in-law, more because of Xie Mingsheng. From childhood to adulthood, Xie Mingsheng was bitter in his heart. The more he grew up, the more bitter he was. The more he understood his situation,75 inch smart board, the more poisonous he was. Xie Qingbian's biggest mistake in this life is to be jealous of the virtuous and capable. He has been narrow-minded all his life and can't see the good of others. He can't get out of that circle. His obsession is too deep, which has created his miserable life. So Ding Louyan is not a beloved woman who can't be abandoned in his life and death, but also an inducement for his future ending. Whether it is Xie Mingsheng's talent and character, the love and favor of the elders in his family, or the praise or even worship of Xie Mingsheng by unrelated people, everything Xie Mingsheng has is beyond the reach of Xie Qing. Perhaps he grew up together, or perhaps he would try to figure out people's hearts, early to understand the importance of Ding Louyan to Xie Mingsheng, and only Ding Louyan is the only place where he can be better than Xie Mingsheng, so there will be such a fate. Rouge can not help but feel gloomy, she has a thin life in the side, the cause and effect of things are known in advance, and he was lost in the game, say what can lead him out? In Rouge's view, no matter what she said, smartboard for business ,interactive touch screens education, it was not painful, she did not feel the same, and did not experience these grievances, what to say is pale and powerless. But in Rouge's opinion, if these are put on her body, I'm afraid they can't bear it. Not to mention anything else, just the favoritism and contempt of the elders in the family is enough to make her lose her heart. Rouge's eyes fell on his hand, clean white fingers are holding her sweet osmanthus cake quietly eating, her heart can not help but suddenly a tight, is this life to watch him go to that step? As soon as she thought of the past, she was distressed. It took her a long time to open her mouth and say, "The young lady is already the cousin of the second son. She asked the maidservant to send food, but she just wanted the maidservant to say a word to the second son." Rouge paused for a moment and then said thoughtfully, "In the future, if you have anything, you can tell the maidservant. When the young lady knows it, she will certainly want to help. If you have a woman you like, our young lady will also think of a way for you." Xie Qing slowly ate the sweet osmanthus cake in his hand, his beautiful eyebrows and eyes dyed with coolness, and he looked at her with an indifferent expression, as if he were examining the Rouge. Rouge saw that he did not speak, nor did he know that he did not listen to his own meaning, Rouge was so good at his eyes, a bit uncomfortable, is not what he saw? Rouge took one look at him and suddenly felt a tremor in her heart. She opened her eyes a little flustered. She steadied her voice slightly and called out, "Second Childe?" Xie Qing put down the sweet osmanthus cake in his hand and stopped eating it. He looked at the Rouge in a cold voice without a trace of emotion. He asked, "Do you like me?" His voice was as cold as the fresh water in the ancient well, but he asked such an ambiguous and lingering question. Rouge was stunned when she heard this. She looked at Xie Qing's side. His delicate eyebrows and eyes were light and cool. …… Where is the appearance of liking people? The author has something to say: Rouge: "Why is it so hard to feed you?" Xie Qing side: "It is not difficult to feed with the mouth." Rouge: "Poof." ps Painting hand: "I tomorrow … …" Have to go to work.. Come, come, come.. Ah, ah, ah, ah. "" "Hurry up and tie it up!" King Ning: "Where is the king's sword?" Ding Lou Yan: "All day long!" Shen Wan: "Can you stop her mouth first?" You 11: "The noise made me almost blind." Chapter 52 He was clearly pleased with Ding Louyan, but now he asked her why on earth? Rouge looked at him more and more confused about what he was thinking, but she was sure that his purpose in saying this would never be as simple as the surface of the question. She lowered her eyes and thought for a moment, but decided to play the trick, lest he come up with some other way to calculate people later, so that she could not guard against it. Rouge looked up at him and said thoughtfully, "When I first saw you at Chazhang Temple.." Rouge looked at his eyes subconsciously, and for a long time it was hard to say: "Maidservant.." The maidservant's heart has been pleasing the childe for a long time. She had never said such a thing to anyone else, and she really couldn't have said it if she hadn't copied too much. Perhaps is the Rouge so shy to speak of the appearance created a kind of daughter's family shy coy illusion, Xie Qing side did not carefully study her is true or false. He put down the sweet-scented osmanthus cake in his hand and reached out to take her hand. His fingers gently rubbed the back of her hand with a sense of intimacy between lovers. There was a little carelessness and a little contempt hidden between his cold eyebrows and eyes. But looking at the Rouge, he said with charming words: "In fact, I also like you. You are so clever and sensible. You should come to see me often in the future." He had always been cold and did not like to be close to people, but now he suddenly made such a confusing and frivolous appearance, which not only did not make people feel frivolous,86 smart board, but also added a bit of confusing flavor, which made people tremble inexplicably. Rouge looked at him in a slight daze, and after a moment he lowered his eyelashes to hide a trace of emotion in his eyes.