Love at a glance, uncle marry cruel impatient

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Love at a glance, uncle marry cruel impatientLove at a glance, uncle marry cruel impatientLove at a glance, uncle marry cruel impatient

"Which one is yours?" Le Yao took a look around and began to look for it. She is a child who likes the sea, so she naturally likes yachts and has envy in her eyes. That one, you see, that pink and yellow, both colors are my favorite colors, and ah, it's called Xiaozhi No.1! Jiang Xiaozhi happily took Le Yao's hand and pointed to it. Le Yao also saw it, smiling at the corners of her mouth, and said softly, "That's good!" Her expression Shang Qixiu saw in the eyes, and then also looked at the yacht, very girl's appearance, and then looked at Jiang Haicheng, more than 30 years old, can actually remember this. Yaoyao, come on, let's go for a walk first! Jiang Xiaozhi took Le Yao's hand and ran directly because he wanted to share it with her too much. Followed by two men, Shang Qixiu, dressed in a black formal suit, was out of place here, while Jiang Haicheng, dressed in casual clothes, had his hands in his pockets. Didn't think you'd do that? The corners of Shang Qixiu's pursed mouth opened, and the cold and hard lines floated. Well, she likes it! Jiang Haicheng did not have the slightest concealment, because in Shang Qixiu so shrewd blind eyes can not hide anything, he has already seen through his relationship with Xiaozhi. She's only nineteen! Shang Qixiu did not answer,outdoor palm trees, but said something irrelevant. Jiang Haicheng only felt that this was very familiar, he had told Shang Qixiu before, she was only twenty years old, and now, he said it again! "I'm not like you!" Jiang Haicheng looked at Jiang Xiaozhi's cheerful body, raised the corners of his mouth, and said confidently. Shang Qixiu did not speak, and a pair of deep eyes like the sea fell on Le Yao. Many years later, Jiang Haicheng recalled what had happened this year, only to realize that he was actually the same as Shang Qixiu,Faux cherry blossom tree, so their painful despair, looking for the familiar figure in the night is deserved! -End of chapter- 167: Shang Qixiu decides to change Le Yao "Wow, how beautiful!" Jiang Xiaozhi took Le Yao's hand and got on the yacht, all of which were transformed according to her style. Small mouth can not hide the joy, the eyes looked at Jiang Haicheng who followed behind, gave him a magic eye. Le Yao is also very happy in the heart, but there is no performance on the face, just follow behind Jiang Xiaozhi, with her look. Uncle, uncle, let's drive out! Jiang Xiaozhi suddenly became excited, turned around, and grabbed Jiang Haicheng's arm. Jiang Haicheng smiled and glanced at Shang Qixiu. "Can you drive?" Shang Qixiu dragged his hand out of his pocket and looked at him. "You gave someone a yacht, but you can't drive it?"? Jiang Haicheng gave him a meaningful look, he this is to give him a chance, do not even. Shang Qixiu thought deeply for a second, then took a step with his long legs and headed for the cab. Le Yao stood in place, listening to their conversation, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,artificial coconut palm trees, without the slightest interest, but when Shang Qixiu came and passed by her, the wind blew and she smelled his breath. Shang Qixiu walked to the front, and stopped to look at Jiang Haicheng, gave him a message, you said oh! Jiang Haicheng nodded, patted his chest and wrapped it around me. Then Shang Qixiu really went to the cab. Yaoyao, it's great that your eldest brother can drive a yacht! Jiang Xiaozhi ran over and pulled her arm with a look of envy. Jiang Haicheng sighed and suddenly had the feeling of stealing chicken without losing rice. I don't know Le Yao shook her head. She didn't know anything about Shang Qixiu. Although they had been together for a long time, she never asked him about his private affairs. She didn't even know what he liked to eat. Yaoyao, your big brother is so cool! Jiang Xiaozhi learned to be smart this time, did not say it out loud, otherwise like the last time the next day the waist was directly broken, how many waists she had! "Hold the railing and the yacht will start immediately." Jiang Haicheng walked over, he did not know how Shang Qixiu's level, although he was very confident to walk over, but the moment he opened up, he still had to stand and hold well. Uh Jiang Xiaozhi nodded, then took Le Yao's hand and sat on the deck, enjoying the sunshine and wind. The yacht began to sail slowly, the sound of water in the air, a fresh wind blowing. The two girls sat together, chattering as if they had endless words to say. Jiang Haicheng went to the cabin and took out four bottles of drinks. "Come on, drink something!" Jiang Xiaozhi took his favorite peach juice and handed it to Yaoyao, "Yaoyao, do you like to drink this? It tastes good, sweet and a little sour." Le Yao nodded, took the past, Jiang Xiaozhi took a cup of mango to drink, looked at the remaining two, looked at the second uncle. Jiang Haicheng looked at Le Yao, "you take this to your eldest brother!" Le Yao stopped, her fingers twisted together, her teeth biting her lips, and her head lowered. Jiang Xiaozhi took her hand, thinking she didn't hear, "Yaoyao!" Le Yao thought about it and stood up, took the cup from Jiang Haicheng's hand, and walked toward the cab. Jiang Xiaozhi looked at the second uncle, and then looked at Le Yao, "why let her send it over?" Jiang Haicheng gave her a white look, "is it difficult for you to send it?" It seems that the answer to the two-way choice question is either A or B, but it's not right. Can you send it over? Jiang Xiaozhi blinked and looked at him. Jiang Haicheng was suddenly an army, this seems to be right ah, but, he will not send it. Long fingers holding the bottom of the cup, then sat beside Jiang Xiaozhi, reached around her shoulder, "of course I want to accompany you!" Jiang Xiaozhi suppressed a smile, and then the small shoulder pretended to earn, looking at Jiang Haicheng's delicate side face, "Uncle, are you inseparable from me for a second?" Jiang Haicheng looked at her eyes and wanted to shake his head and disagree, but he just couldn't stand her cute appearance, and then he couldn't help nodding his head, "Yes!" Haha, Jiang Xiaozhi's eyes were directly elongated, and even the corners of his mouth flew up happily, his head resting on his shoulder, beeping his mouth,outdoor ficus tree, "I knew it!" Jiang Haicheng had to admit defeat, seems to have met Jiang Xiaozhi, all things are centered on her.