3D online customization, a single sale, a tear of the packaging

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3D online customization, a single sale, a tear of the packaging, hacker technology is coming! _ Tape

Original Title: 3D Online Customization, One Single Sale, One Tearable Packaging, Hacker Technology Is Coming! Brands want to be personalized and differentiated. The packaging should also make an issue. Good choice of packaging, selling goods without trouble! Good packaging can empower the brand. If the zipper carton is not used, The good brothers of packaging are: tape and scissors. However,custom tape measure, the detail of tape can also capture the user's heart and enhance the brand image! So, what kind of tape have you seen wrapped in packaging? Like this? If you still have this impression, your product may be lost in the packaging before you start using it. Because Lao Wang next door has already started using this kind of tape! Expand the full text Customization and personalization have long been the trend. If you can be unique,personalised tailor tape, who is willing to be ordinary? Customized and personalized tape can not only convey the young and fashionable concept of the brand to enhance the brand image, but also make the moment when consumers get the package pleasing to the eye and enhance the consumer experience. Now! A Tear Mini Program Mall Launches 3D Online Customized Tape Service! 1 roll up order, multi-color options, easy to achieve brand communication Traditional tape has high minimum order quantity, custom tailor tape ,printed tape measure, low flexibility and high one-time purchase cost. One tear can integrate the tape production line, reduce the threshold and cost of tape customization, and realize the customization production capacity from 1 roll to infinite roll. Online customization, 3D rendering, WYSIWYG Avoid repeated confirmation before printing, time-consuming and laborious, tear to collect a large number of production parameters, special development of online customization function, and present in 3D form, support picture uploading, copy editing, color replacement, effect display, etc. Follow me, follow Xiaobian to familiarize yourself with the use steps, and quickly change your tape! 1. Enter Yitiande Mall, find the tape customization,garment measuring tape, click to enter the details page and select [Customization] 2. Upload logo or pattern to customize your exclusive brand image 3. Personalized customization of color, size, quantity and display direction Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com