Tell you how vacuum fume extractor maintenance works

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vacuum fume extractor maintenance

The working principle of vacuum fume extractor maintenance mainly has two aspects:

1. Using the innovative technology of electrostatic adsorption and dust collection, the oil fume can be instantly converted into clean air.

The oil fume removal rate of this product is nominally 95%. The oil fume removal rate of the product in the first week of use is 95% in line with the requirements of GB18483-2001. After continuous use for about 3 months, the removal rate will drop linearly until it reaches zero. If it is necessary to ensure the purification effect of oil fume and the removal rate of oil fume to meet the standard, it must be cleaned every two weeks, and a professional electrostatic oil fume purifier cleaning service company will do it for you, and the cost ranges from 1,000 to 5,000 yuan each time. If it is not cleaned according to the specifications, there will be serious oil accumulation in the exhaust pipe, and the risk of fire will be very high.

2. Liquid foam washing

Using the mass transfer double membrane theory, the combined product of physical and chemical methods, and the electromechanical integration product, strictly speaking, it should not be called an oil fume purifier, but it is more reasonable to call it an oil fume purifier.

The oil fume removal rate of this product can reach 90%, which meets the requirements of GB18483-2001. The use of special purifiers to improve the double-film mass transfer power between the gas and liquid phases can quickly capture oil fume and other particles in the gas phase; at the same time, the negative pressure of its own exhaust fan is used to generate a liquid foam layer with a thickness of about 600mm (liquid foam size and diameter 1.5mm) for scrubbing purification of oil fume gas. It is approximately equivalent to the purification effect of a natural rainfall layer of 600 meters. The removal rate of oil in the fume is 90%, the removal rate of black smoke particles is 90%, the removal rate of dust and other impurities in the air is 90%, the removal rate of various odors is 70%, and the removal rate of blue smoke (chemical gel) is 60%. . The product needs to be drained and added with professional purifiers every 2 to 3 days. The product has stable operation, long service life and super fireproof.

vacuum fume extractor maintenance