What are the features of twisting machine wholesale?

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The commonly used wires wound by twisting machine wholesale are mostly enameled copper wire (winding inductance coils of electronic and electrical products), enameled aluminum wire, textile wire (winding yarn frays and coils for textile machines), and winding Electric heating wires and solder wires, wires, cables, etc. for making electric heating appliances.

There are many kinds of twisting machine wholesale, which can be divided into general type and special type according to their use;

Universal type - suitable for twisting machine wholesale of a variety of products, as long as the corresponding molds and instructions are replaced, it can correspond to the processing of different products.

Special type - twisting machine wholesale for a specific product.

Common special twisting machine wholesale include;

square transformer

1. Special for square transformers -- (special machine for thin wire, special machine for thick wire)

2. Special for toroidal transformers -- (large ring machine, middle ring machine, small ring machine)

3. Special for other types of transformers

motor coil

1. Special machine for fan motor (seat fan, ceiling fan, page turning fan).

2. Special machine for toy micro-motors; (flying fork type, special winding head type).

3. Special machine for series excitation rotor coil (power tool).

4. Fractional horsepower motor and special machine for high horsepower motor.

Inductance coil

1. Special machine for mid-week and color-coded inductors.

2. Special machine for small magnetic ring inductance coil.

3. Special machine for speaker frequency division coil 4. Special machine for fluorescent lamp (electronic energy-saving lamp) ballast.

Other speaker voice coils

1. Special machine for speaker voice coil.

2. Special machine for electric heating tube.

3. Insulation tape wrapping machine.

4. Special machine for weaving yarn.

twisting machine wholesale can be divided into simple type, semi-automatic type and fully automatic type according to the degree of automation. Electronic control methods include numerical control microcomputer single-chip microcomputer and IBM computer control. According to the installation method, it is classified into desktop type and floor type machine.

twisting machine wholesale https://www.newheli.com/Machinery-Product