how to balance school/uni, work, social life & everything else! | my time management tips!

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I call these necessities wants and bonuses your necessities are everything that you need to do there's not really a choice for me personally this is Church you need and work those are the only three things I have in this category it is very important that you don't overwhelm yourself by putting like a hundred different things in every single category I would say in your necessities category you don't want to have more than three or four commitments so for me church is my number one God is my number one priority and Church follows that so I know that I roster off Sunday nights and Friday night.

 so I can do you thing so that I can go to church I go to Bible study every week those are just things that I do regardless of what is going on in my life whether I have assignments whether I have shifts those things come second to my church commitments but that is also a personal choice for you this may be something completely different I'm just telling you guys what I do I would say if you are a student whether that's a high school student at a student a university student whatever other student you can be that should definitely be in your necessities category and work is something that I don't necessarily want to put in that category but I kind of have to because I live out of home I financially support myself and it's just not realistic for me to not have it as a necessity the second category is once so I don't really like calling it once because some of these things.

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 so very important but these are the things that you really really want to do but you might have to say no to sometimes for me this is YouTube social life and working out those are my three YouTube is like my favorite thing ever it is my hobby its my outlet is what I love to do so this is something that I really try to commit to you every single week but if I have an assignment do tour if I have a work shift than most things need to come first same as my social life I love my friends I love my boyfriend I obviously want to spend as much time with them as I possibly can but I also know that they love me and they will understand if I need to get that assignment in rather than go to that party if people love you they will understand but also in saying that you never want to be constantly putting someone seconds and obviously exercise is just so incredibly important not only for your physical self but also for your mental self .

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and so I really really do try to make this a priority even if I don't even want to but also if I go for a whole week without going to the gym once I need to be ok with that because it is not my life it is not a necessity but it is something that I would love to incorporate into my life then the third category is bonuses I feel like this is kind of a hard category but it's basically everything that doesn't fit into the other two categories so for me these are things like going to my favorite places like going to the beach for a day or just going out for a day honestly so I would say in this category choose a few things that you love to do but no it's not necessary to your life put it in this column.