Detailed Review Of Shark LZ601 APEX UpLight Lift-away Duo Clean Vacuum Cleaner: Best or Bad?

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Among the famous series of Shark vacuum cleaners, it seems that most people know the Shark APEX Upright vacuum cleaner series.

Among the famous series of Shark vacuum cleaners, it seems that most people know the Shark APEX Upright vacuum cleaner series.

However, there is another series of vacuum cleaners that are equally expected. That is the Shark apex uplight series with the Shark Apex UpLight Lift-away Duoclean LZ601 model.

In today's article, I will bring detailed information about this machine, see if it is the best or the worst.

1. Overview of Shark Apex UpLight

Shark Apex UpLight Lift-away Duoclean is a vacuum with a power cord, no dust bag and has the ability to flexibly switch between a standing vacuum cleaner and a handheld vacuum cleaner. In addition, this machine was born with the purpose of cleaning multiple surfaces: from floors, walls to nooks and crannies and even the ceiling.

Unique features of Shark Apex Uplight Vacuum LZ601:

  • The powerful suction of the machine comes from the wired vacuum cleaner design. With this feature, Shark LZ601 can give strong performance with any type of dust, even tough dust such as hair, debris, fine dust...
  • The body is a slender straight stick, and the vacuum box can be disassembled to convert it into a handheld form. These two features complement each other to help the machine maximize cleaning: both vacuuming large floors, large areas, but also responding well to narrow places, many obstacles or nooks.
  • The next point that makes the Shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean LZ601 win my heart is the airflow distribution technology. The machine has exclusive technology "Hyper Velocity" that helps the air to go in a circular vortex, combined with a high-speed suction motor to help the amount of dust sucked in much more. The ability to hold dust as well as filter the air is also significantly improved with this technology.
  • To save on periodic maintenance costs and make the air purifier more efficient, the Shark LZ601 is equipped with a water-washable air filter for users to clean themselves at home. HEPA filter, anti-allergy technology is also a part to help the machine keep 99.989% of dust and dirt, preventing them from escaping.
  • The main cleaning tool of Shark Apex UpLight LZ601 is DuoClean, which means there will be 2 brushes working together for maximum cleaning efficiency. These two brooms are not the same, one is specialized for carpets, easily entangled garbage such as hair and pet hair, and the other is for deep cleaning of dirt.

2. The included accessories of Shark Uplight LZ601

  • With cleaning tools, the LZ601 includes 2 types: Duster Crevice Tool 2 in 1 - specialized in treating hard-to-reach places, many obstacles. 2-in-1 Pet Multi Tool - handle small, hard-to-carry places and especially remove lint, hair, and fur.
  • Some other tools: Pet self-cleaning electric brush, 360-degree rotating brush, anti-allergy brush and more.

These included tools and accessories work well together and work with the machine as a whole, helping the LZ601 do what it promises in terms of cleaning results.

It can be said that in the Shark apex uplight corded lift away line, the Shark Apex UpLight LZ601 is a model that brings many interesting experiences. The features of design, features to technology make me think this is a must-have machine in any home at an extremely reasonable price.


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