Defining Paraphrasing

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Is it Important to Paraphrase english? Yes. To bring more clarity and better understanding of the text

Whenever you're given a paraphrasing assignment, your work will involve generating new material from already written texts. Sometimes, the assigned paragraph may lack sufficient information to support the main argument. In such situations, students should opt to quote a relevant sentence from the original text. However, this is never a requirement, and most learning institutions will require the student to rephrase the exact words and sentences.

The process of rewording paragraphs while noting the original context is often the hardest. Even though it's the simplest thing, it carries a lot of weight. And that is why learners often make silly mistakes when quoting a passage. The paraphrased section is crucial in google essay writer enhancing the uniqueness and improving the readability of your Englishessays. Let us see some of the steps you need to follow to simplify the paraphrasing process.

  1. Read carefully and perfect the sentence structure.

First and foremost, you'll need to understand the source of the anecdote. After the research phase, you will then be required to put the words in your own words. It would be best if you always emphasis on the line they are reading from the first instance. This is the ideal way to maintain clarity. When explaining the points, make sure to throw in some humor to imitate the original text's sense. The joke should still be in the context of the passage. You can also use a personal anecdote that will explain the negative aspects of the passage.

  1. When forming a summary, make sure to capture the primary idea.

After writing the summary, the next step will be to form a comparison. The only way to know what the writer is going to discuss is through the comparison. Once the comparison is made, note down the key ideas and rewrite the passage. Do not forget to write the conclusion of the version of the essay you are about to summarize. If the paragraph is too long, you can omit the point completely.

  1. Write the final draft.

As soon as you finish the preparation, be ready to edit the last draft. Remember, you cannot afford to submit a paraphrased paper that is missing important components. Therefore, ensure that you proofread the document and eliminate all errors. Check the grammar and flow of phrases. Make sure that the final language is straightforward. Lastly, confirm that the thesis statement is in the introduction.

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