The Best Quick Drying Hiking Pants: Reviews

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Seasoned hikers— especially those who often hike in places with humid, rainy weather— know just how important a good pair of quick drying pants are.

The Best Quick Drying Hiking Pants: Reviews

Seasoned hikers— especially those who often hike in places with humid, rainy weather— know just how important a good pair of quick drying pants are.

With normal pants like jeans that are made out of cotton, once they’re wet it takes literally hours for them to dry out. Not only this is super uncomfortable, in the wrong situations like in a cold night, a wet pants is like asking for hypothermia to set in.

Of course, that’s only one of the many things it can do for you. The durable materials they are made out of will give your legs ample protection against hazards on the trail. Furthermore, even if you were to hike in dry, desert conditions, the quick drying property will allow your skin to breathe and the sweat vented away.

With that in mind, here are some of the best pants for hiking on the market that are quick drying. They will definitely make a night and day difference in your hiking experience.

PrAna Stretch Zion

At a brief glance, the overall design of the PrAna Stretch Zion is not at all special. However, this pair of best quick dry hiking pants actually got a lot of interesting tricks in there.

PrAna made it from a special weave consisting of 97% Nylon and 3% Spandex, aptly named Stretch Zion. Nylon— designed for maximum water repellent ability— gives it the highly desirable quick-drying capability. Meanwhile, the stretchy Spandex provides the pants with a degree of flexibility so that your body’s natural range of motion won’t be restricted. During high-intensity, rocky terrain hikes that emphasize technical skills and flexibility, the pants will be extremely helpful.

The PrAna Stretch Zion also has plenty of other details to facilitate breathability. You have a ventilated inseam gusset, mesh pockets, and roll-up snaps when the weather becomes too hot for full-length pants.

The waistband is adjustable and provides a great fit, according to customers. Even without a belt, it will stay put on your hips with a little bit of fiddling around with the waistband.

You have four cargo pockets, two upfront and two at the back.

KUHL Renegade

The KUHL Renegade is the go-to option if you prefer the style and practicality of cargo pants.

This one - the best backpacking pants is made from a special blend of fabric called DURALUX, composed of 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex.

The durable fabric has abrasion resistance ability. It will hold its ground against sharp rocks, branches, and whatever else that you could face on the road that would normally damage a normal pair of pants.

Overall, according to our testers and customers, it is highly breathable, quick to dry, and, thanks to the Spandex it is flexible enough to handle more technical hikes and climbs. Flexibility is further enhanced by the inclusion of articulated knees and a gusseted crotch.


The Renegade has a UPF 50+ rating to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays on desert hikes. Additionally, other than being quick to dry, it is also water resistant with a Durable Water Repellent or DWR finish.

You’ll seldom find yourself running out of cargo pockets to store your things with eight of them scattered all throughout. While six of them are general-purpose pockets that can be used to store everything, two are made specifically to store cell phones.


We hope that out of the two top hiking pants we introduced, at least one of them had caught your attention. If so, we’ve already fulfilled our mission!

If you have any other questions, drop them in the comment or email our editorial and we’ll get back to you. Until next time!


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